Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 1 Recaps: Episodes 1 and 2

By Sarah Tejares | 3 years ago
Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 1 Recaps: Episodes 1 and 2

“Mortal Kombat Legacy” is on its way on season 2. But if you missed Season 1, we have the recap for you.

In “Mortal Kombat” Season 1, the episode "Jax, Sonya and Kano" was divided into two parts. The part 1 started when Sonya went alone to Kano’s warehouse. Unfortunately, she was captured by Kano.

Meanwhile, at Deacon City police headquarters, Kurtis Stryker was discussing with his police squad about Sonya's transmission, their past difficulties apprehending Kano and the robotics stolen from the Department of Defense by the Black Dragon. They encountered a minor disagreement about whether to follow protocol and wait for Sonya to confirm. After the argument,  Jax and Stryker decided to infiltrate the warehouse.

When the squad arrived at Kano's warehouse, a shootout began between them and Kano's men. Kano's team were using advanced weaponry during the shootout. Jax was separated from the group to search for Sonya. Before he found Sonya, he fought with Kano first. Meanwhile, Sonya was able to escape from being chained to the ceiling, just below where the grenade exploded.

Part 2 continued where Part 1 has left off. Jax and Kano woke up from the explosion. Sonya sneaked up behind three of Kano's men and killed them and entered a security control room. In the security room, she saw on the video that Kano was running from Jax, so she went on that place.

When Sonya arrived, she saw Kano unconscious, while Jax was resting. Jax and Sonya thought that Kano was unconscious, but suddenly, Kano  tossed a grenade. Jax rose and ran towards Sonya to keep her safe from the blast.

A week later, Sonya woke up in a hospital. Stryker visited her and told her that the Black Dragon got to Kano before his team could, and Jax sustained serious injuries in the process. Jax, because of the injuries he sustained on his arms, has  to be sent to a special medical facility at the Department of Defense.

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