Are Wedding Bells Ringing For Prince Harry?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Are Wedding Bells Ringing For Prince Harry?

The British media is currently in a joyous mood, as rumors are buzzing around the Royal family this week. No, it’s neither the fringe that the Duchess of Cambridge flaunts nor the flirtatious beard that Prince Harry wears but the media is showing interest in something beyond these.

It is the birthday party of Prince Harry, who has just planted his royal feet back in Britain after a few months of conservation work in Africa. On Wednesday, Prince Harry has been spotted with his ex-beau Cressida Bonas in his exclusive 31st birthday party that was held at a private cabin in London’s Cross Keys’ nightclub. This sparked the speculation to have an unexpected reunion of the estranged couple.

The 26-year-old actress, who had recently split from her actor boyfriend, was seen wearing a white button shirt with frilly bow and sharing a light moment in the party with the fifth heir of the throne.

Though in an interview, Prince Harry was heard to proclaim “It would be great to have someone next to me to share the pressure” but it cannot be assured that the name is Cressida.

The pair who had shared a two-year long rollercoaster romance and almost led the relation to an engagement, likely to be happened in April 2014, soon split in late April of the same year.

Cressida’s presence at the party is especially interesting as Harry seems to also be wooing his other ex-partner and first official girlfriend, Zimbabwean lawyer, Chelsy Davy as well, after they reunited during his Africa trip. But the news is Cressida expressed envy in this romantic involvement and thus decided to attend the party the last minute, where she joined Harry and friends – including Zara Phillips and husband Mike Tindall, and of course Guy Pelly – over whose wedding their previous relationship broke down.

After taking part in an official engagement in Sussex during the day prince Harry, dressed in a white polo shirt, spent the evening to celebrate turning 31.

He left the pub in the early hours of the morning after the five-hour birthday party and Bonas also exits in the following hour.

She was reported to head towards Kensington Palace for an after party but a reliable source confirmed that Cressida did not go to the palace. However, multiple sources have claimed that the pair have always remained friends, even after their split, and a reunion is unlikely to happen soon.

Another source close to Cressida told Mail Online that Bonas “isn’t the type to be at anyone’s beck and call”. Moreover, the issues that caused their split are reportedly still there.

Now time will tell the truth and will reveal whether the red-headed prince has entangled himself in a love triangle with two ex-girlfriends.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Prince Harry Fan page


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