Welcome to Sweden: Fitting In [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 4 years ago
Welcome to Sweden: Fitting In [WATCH VIDEO]

Welcome to Sweden” Season 1 Episode 5 “Fitting In” aired on Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Emma grew concern over Bruce not having any Swedish friends, as Bruce tried to blend in with her crowd. He also attempted to spend a relaxing afternoon with Emma’s mother in order to bond with her. Read further to know what happened in this episode.

Bruce (Greg Poehler) was at a party hosted by one of Emma’s friends. He tried to get into the conversations but because of the language barrier, he ended up ruining the moment. While Emma (Josephine Bornebusch) talked to a friend about someone they know who is dying, Bruce cracked a joke. And while someone actually told a funny story about this guy who went crazy with his floor renovation, Bruce diffused the punchline because he couldn’t get the story. As a result, Emma’s friends have started uninviting her to their gatherings because Bruce was a party pooper.

Emma discussed with Bruce about finding his own Swedish friends so that he could hone his language lessons better and also get into the rhythm and culture of how they do things. Bruce said that he has Hassan, the language classmate he met in the episode “Learn the Language,” who accepted him for who he is. But Emma told Bruce that he hasn’t been honest with Hassan, who still thinks Bruce is Canadian.

Emma was with her mother, Viveka (Lena Olin), and they talked about how Bruce is having a hard time fitting in. Viveka said that Bruce was not making any effort, but as usual, Emma defended her boyfriend from her mother’s judgments. But she also gave a serious thought to what her mother said, especially when she got home and found Bruce playing video games with Hassan. They were supposed to be practicing their Swedish language lessons.

That night, Bruce learned that Emma was not invited to Lisa’s party, and he felt awful because he was the reason for it. In order to show everyone that he really was making an effort, he tapped into Emma’s phone and laptop, and with the help of a Google translator, he called up Lisa and spoke in Swedish. Somehow, Lisa was pushed into inviting Bruce and Emma. Feeling good about himself, he called up Viveka too and, speaking in Swedish, charmed his way into inviting her to a spa date.

So Bruce and Viveka were at the spa, and Viveka took this time to talk about his plans for her daughter. Bruce assured her that, “I will love her more than anyone has ever loved another in the history of loving people,” and that pleased Emma’s mother. Point one for Bruce!  However, just as Bruce was getting on Viveka’s good side, he foiled it again when paying for the spa services at the counter. He had some issues with the charges and was negotiating with the cashier, so to end it all, Viveka paid for their spa date. Great! Not only is Bruce freeloading on Emma, he’s got her mother paying for his whims too! Hah!

Bruce was feeling bad about what happened with him and Viveka at the spa. Emma tried to cheer him up by telling him about Swedish entertainment factoids like: Did you know what the Swedish band Ace of Base had the most successful album ever, beating even The Beatles? Or did you know that they are proudest of Ola, the Swedish actor who was in one James Bond movie?

They were at Lisa’s party, and Bruce got it on with the other guests, befriending everyone and speaking in Swedish. He was making an effort. Let’s give the guy a credit for that. But then he spotted someone who was just standing by the wall, so he tried to befriend him. He told him about Ola, from Emma’s story, hoping this would break the ice, but the guy was not in any mood to talk. Then Bruce told him about the story he heard at the other party, with the guy going crazy with the floor renovations. As it turned out, the guy Bruce was trying to befriend was the guy who did the floor renovations! When it was pointed out to him that his newly built smooth hardwood floors had scratches, the guy went mad because someone at the party forgot to take off his shoes. Guess who it was? Bruce, Emma’s American boyfriend that nobody liked!

At the walk back home, Bruce told Emma that he didn’t know it was customary in Sweden to remove one’s shoes when entering the house. Hassan never asked him to remove his shoes when he’s at his place. But Bruce finally realized that yes, he has to make friends with the locals. He also thought that now would be the best time to tell Hassan he’s actually American.

But when he got to Hassan’s place to tell him that maybe they cannot be friends, knowing how much Hassan hates Americans, Hassan interrupted him and told him that they shouldn’t be hanging out together anymore, and Hassan closed the door on him. This frustrated Bruce because it felt like Hassan was breaking up with him. In his anger, he shouted that he’s an American. Hassan’s other Middle Eastern neighbors heard this, so he hurriedly left.

Back home, Bruce was on Facebook, perhaps looking to connect with more Swedish acquaintances. Suddenly, he got a notification that Viveka accepted his friend request, and he couldn’t be happier. At the other end of this, Viveka was actually just fiddling with the computer and mistakenly hit the accept button when she wanted to reject the request. Viveka asked her son’s help to cancel the friend request.

The episode ended with a phone call at one in the morning. It was Bruce’s mother calling from America with great news — they were visiting Bruce next week! This should be one to watch for!

And that’s it for the “Welcome to Sweden” Season 1 Episode 5 “Fitting In” recap, which aired on Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. For more about this series, follow on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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