All Is Well Between Beyonce And Jay Z, Spotted In A Romantic Lip-Lock

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
All Is Well Between Beyonce And Jay Z, Spotted In A Romantic Lip-Lock
Beyonce and Jay Z

All those rumors about the divorce between Beyonce and Jay Z will now be hopefully put to rest. The couple showed that they are still crazy for each other as they shared a kiss while they had been on a blissful vacation together.

Seems like the news of a probable divorce between Beyonce and Jay Z were just rumors. After talks broke out that all was not well in this power couple’s paradise, they displayed their love for each other during a vacation in Sardinia.

Their marriage looks like it’s going great as the couple has spent seven years of matrimony.

It was after all a romantic sea-side smooch for Beyonce and Jay Z as they were spotted locking their lips by a beautiful sea. Now is this not we call pure romance?

Beyonce simply looked carefree and stunning in a white bikini with a blue skirt. The couple just could not take their eyes off each other as Jay held his dear wife by her waist while Beyonce’s arms were around him.

They really looked sweet together. The singer and her rapper husband have been vacationing with Blue Ivy, their daughter. Beyonce’s former band mate Kelly was also with them. Their actions made it quite clear that they were definitely not going through divorce.

On September 9, there were a few reports that suggested that this power couple may just call it quits as they have been fighting nonstop and there were trust issues between the two. It has come to the knowledge of Hollywood Life that the couple do not intend to end their marriage.

Beyonce and Jay may have marital issues like many other couples but there is noting that will make them go separate ways. Let us hope that this power couple have a blissful married life ahead.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beyonce & Jay Z

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