Wesley Snipes Wants to Bite The Avengers; Talks Blade Joining MCU

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Wesley Snipes Wants to Bite The Avengers; Talks Blade Joining MCU
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It’s been some time since Wesley Snipes put on his black trench-coat as ‘Blade’ and dispatched Vampires with memorable one liners , but the character might just be back into the MCU, and teaming up with the Avengers. At least, if Wesley Snipes had his way. Read on to find out more.

As Wesley Snipes promotes his new NBC series, “The Player”, he sat down to talk with Huffington Post about the projects on his mind. And looks like what’s on his mind is eviscerating some vampires. Speaking about an Avengers team up with Blade, Snipes had this to say,

“It would be interesting to see where he would really fit in. He is gotta bite somebody. I don’t know who.. Scarlett Johannson!!”

However, Snipes did confirm that the fate of the hands was in Marvel’s hands, but conversations to that effect have been good, with both sides seeing the value in it. He also confirmed that he was “in shape enough and fit enough” to still play the vampire day-walker. Snipes had revealed back in July that he had taken the Blade idea to MCU executives, but apparently they have not reached a decision yet.

It has been eleven years since Blade last hunted the vampires in “Blade: Trinity” in 2004, which was critically panned before obtaining a cult following. During his career as the half-breed vampire, Snipes has delivered such memorable lines such as this one:


So it would definitely be fun to see him try fit into the Avengers, especially with Captain “mind our language” America. In the original Marvel comics, Blade is actually part of the Avengers, having joined to prevent a plague of vampires from infecting super-heroes. And if that does not sound like a kick-ass plot for Avengers 3, we don’t know what is.

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