WestJet Above and Beyond Stories: Josh [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
WestJet Above and Beyond Stories: Josh [WATCH VIDEO]
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Most of us have suffered a great loss in life, due to which we tend to get a bit depressed and lonely. It’s really hard to get out of it, but how you manage to pull yourself out of it and start over again is the real task. The video below is based on the story of Josh, who faced a similar loss in his life and how he made a change and brought about a difference just by opening the doors for others.

Josh, who had recently suffered a loss of his father, was depressed and lonely, he missed his father terribly. His mother was deeply concerned with his behavior, so she decided to move him from an out-of-town school to the city school, thinking that it might help him change. But instead, he was bullied in the school.

The images of his father, which he had put up on his locker, was torn and destroyed by the other students, who wanted to worry him. The other students used to find him weird and used to ignore him. He felt even more distressed. One day, he decided that he doesn’t want to be a nobody anymore  to make a difference.

So from the very next day, at school, Josh stood at the main door, holding it for all the students who passed by. Initially, students thought he was crazy, and they called him a doorman. But later, they started to know him and greet him as they pass him by. Opening the doors for them was like opening hearts. In return, others opened up and started to know him.

He slowly became popular in school. Now, he shares his experience with others who listen and relate to him. It kind of helps other children to open up and share their stories with him. He suggests them what to do and it makes them feel better.

To know more about Josh’s story, watch the video below:

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Dirk Ingo Franke


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