Westworld Behind The Scenes: Nolan Explains Younger Anthony Hopkins

By Prabhu Prasad | 1 year ago
Westworld Behind The Scenes: Nolan Explains Younger Anthony Hopkins

HBO’s Westworld is embarking on the third episode of the debut season and the stakes are too high already. The show pulled-off an age-defying take on Anthony Hopkins.

It is not uncommon for a TV series or a movie to alter the appearance of the actors to make them look older. Is the other way round prevalent? Not so much. It is not feasible either to bring the departed actors to the screen or make the older actors look young. Needless to say, any attempts doe not ensure a ready success, too.

The third episode of Westworld, The Stray, became a platform for such an audacious attempt and it was exemplary. The episode saw Anthony Hopkins’ character Dr. Ford in a flashback scene. Furthermore, the ingenious doctor was looking young as a spring chicken. It was so convincing that the fans went all suckers for that shot.

Jonathan Nolan came clean about the filming of younger Anthony Hopkins and it makes for an intriguing read. The writer gave credits to the production company for the outstanding job, too, reports EW. Effects supervisor Jay Worth and a Swedish company called Important Looking Pirates share the success of the scene.

Additionally, how did the production of a de-ageing scene come to life? When an actor has a long-standing career such as Anthony Hopkins’, it simplifies a lot of things. For starters, the actor’s footage from the movie came handy for the the scene. For what it is worth, the 78-year-old actor was seen half his age in The Stray.

Jonathan further establishes that Anthony’s movie’s from his 30’s gave a lot of material to work with. On a hilarious note, Nolan was fooling with the idea of shooting it in reality, too, before he came clean. Westworld, however, is messing with the viewer’s brains altogether and Nolan is no aberration, of course.

The fourth episode titled, Dissonance Theory, airs on HBO on 23. Oct. One thing for certain, Westworld is not done with its mind games as yet. De-ageing is the least what they can do.

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