Westworld Season 2 Spoilers: Creator Teases Ford’s Host Version, Lot of Chaos & New Locations

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Westworld Season 2 Spoilers: Creator Teases Ford’s Host Version, Lot of Chaos & New Locations

Westworld Season 2 might feature a host version of Ford. Lately, creator Jonathan Nolan has made some revelations about the new season.

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Ford in Westworld Season 2 

Anthony Hopkins’ Ford is dead for sure in the storyline. Nolan confirmed the said detail. But still, fans can expect that Hopkins might return in Westworld Season 2.

Nolan has communicated that it is only a version of Ford who has died. Hopkins might come back as the character’s host version. He might also appear in the flashbacks in Season 2.

The creator could not stop gushing about the actor. He said that he got the chance to work with Hopkins and it was a great privilege.

Nolan also answered fans’ questions during a Facebook Live broadcast regarding Westworld Season 2. One of the fans pointed that maybe Ford had created his host version. He could do so in his secret underground lab and with the aid of the fabrication machine. Nolan applauded the fan’s speculations but refused to give a straight answer. Nolan only said that Ford gave a real sacrifice.

It is also highly speculated that Ford did not see any good in continuing with his human body that was aging with time. So he decided to fabricate his host version. Maybe this host version of him would take his legacy in Westworld Season 2.


Theme: Chaos

While the main theme that ran throughout the Season 1 was all about control, a new season with chaos as a theme sounds quite appropriate.

Slash Film reports that Westworld Season 2 will explore Ford’s intentions too.  Does he want that Dolores and other hosts should escape? Does he want to give a lesson or two to human guests? Fans would come to know what does he really intend to do.

Westworld Season 2 filming will not be done in the same sets where Season 1 got filmed. The team will not be revisiting the same old locations.

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