Westworld Spoilers: When Will Viewers See Dolores’ Mother?

By Tanya D. | 1 year ago
Westworld Spoilers: When Will Viewers See Dolores’ Mother?
Dolores in Westworld

The past episodes of HBO’s Westworld did not reveal who Dolores’ mother is. No one has seen her up close to unlike her father. Showrunner Jonathan Nolan explained the reason why she not given enough screen time just yet.

So far, the past three episodes focused on Dolores and her conversations with her father. Viewers learned of her mother’s presence in the household through conversations. However, the show never showed her face.

There was one scene in Westworld Episode 1 where viewers may have seen Dolores’ mother. During the attack at their home, there was an older woman lying dead on the floor. The bandits even talked about raping her. Perhaps this woman was her mother, but still no one knows for sure.

According to series creator Jonathan Nolan, the past episodes did not show the mother for specific reasons. Her non-existence supposedly speaks for the relationships that these hosts have, which do not really exist. The mother also shows the lives these hosts live.

“[Her absence] also speaks to the fact that their emotional lives are kind [of] disposable or interchangeable,” Nolan told This is Insider.

However, he assured that Westworld will eventually explore the “mother aspect down the line.” It was important to focus on the father-and-daughter relationship in the pilot to steer the show forward. In a sense, it provided the pivotal moment in the story.

Certainly, one of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and her father’s conversations shifted the show’s storyline. One morning Dolores’ father told her a phrase that caused a change in her program’s psyche. After hearing it, she begins to remember the horrors of her past. She remembers the horrible things the guests have done to her.

The phrase, “These violent delights have violent ends,” seems to be a trigger that unlocks the hosts’ awareness. Dolores began acting strangely after her father whispered this to her and she too uttered the same words to Maeve.  A chain reaction happens thereafter and Maeve starts remembering things she should not.

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