Westworld TV Series: Bernard Revelation, Consequence and Aftermath

By Prabhu Prasad | 2 years ago
Westworld TV Series: Bernard Revelation, Consequence and Aftermath
Westworld TV series

Episode 7 of the Westworld TV series brought closure to Bernard Lowe conundrum. The revelation is best seen from the perspective of past episode.

Bernard’s character was indeed a question mark from the beginning. Obscure past and seemingly suspicious behavior always spoke of an alter ego side to him.

Westworld TV series’ Trompe L’Oeil did right by his side and now the fans know where Bernard stands. It is a shame he was under Ford’s thumb the entire time and nobody knew a thing!

Westworld TV Series: Past Events

Hollywood Reporter revisits some Bernard moments from the past. This time, however, they are looking at him as a host who is on an anomalous algorithm. Firstly, it all goes back to the decommission of Dolores’ father, Abernathy. Bernard whispers something in his ears before putting him away in the cold storage. What is he plotting? Not Bernard, but Ford, of course!

Westworld TV series has more Bernard instances that makes awful lot of sense today. Bernard equals to Arnold theory, for instance. When he visits Ford’s covert project, he stumbles on Ford’s father who he confuses with Arnold initially. An important to remember is that it was indeed Ford who told Bernard that the same person was Arnold in Episode 3. Go figure!

Westworld TV series
Bernard or Arnold? Photo Source: Facebook/Westworld

Is Ford contradicting himself to save Bernard from seeing himself as Arnold in the photo? In addition to that, the song Reverie comes up at two different occasions. Firstly, during Bernard and Ford’s conversation about Arnold in the latter’s office. Secondly, during Bernard’s dream about his son. Is the “Reverie” a subtle hint on Bernard equal to Arnold?

Elsie Connection

Did Ford have a hand in every action of Bernard so far? If he did, what is the Elsie connection? Who is responsible for her abduction? Bernard seems clueless about it too. Perhaps an external hand at work? Elsie had joked earlier about Bernard being here forever too. Trace Decay might have some answers.

Under the circumstances, Theresa is no more. Wait, is she? Was not her AI embodiment in the making when Bernard was terminating her?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Westworld

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