WEtv’s Sex Box [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 4 years ago
WEtv’s Sex Box [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Sex Box” is a show that originally airs in Britain. It’s a reality TV series with a unique, perhaps even uncomfortable format, as couples are encouraged to literally have sex inside a box that’s located in a studio. A U.S. adaptation, courtesy of WEtv, is currently in production. Read further to learn more about this show.

As the name of the show puts it, “Sex Box” is a provocative reality series that will have couples exploring their issues with intimacy. The show is already breaking ground in the UK, and in March 2014, WEtv bought the rights to bring the concept on American TV.

As reported in the New York Post, the network is already building the set, while casting and interviews of couples have been underway.  In fact, WEtv executives are already reviewing potential guests, including a woman who has body issues and a wife who would like to explore swinging.

The concept of “Sex Box” is simple: a couple with problems or issues about sex is invited to enter the box and become intimate. The box, an 8 ft. by 11 ft. structure, is located at the center of the studio, where there is a live audience. But not to worry, this box is made soundproof, dim and nontransparent. No one can actually watch them doing it.  As soon as the couple is done, they come out of the box to talk to the host and therapists, threshing out issues they have about their sex life and their relationship in general.

“There’s a great merit in addressing issues in relationships directly after having sex,” said Marc Juris, WEtv’s president, in the New York Post report.

In the British version, couples who have been through the box are said to have emerged happier and more satisfied, especially after the sessions with the therapist. Discussions on the hour-long program can either be soothing, insightful or entertaining, depending on the guests, as they try to open up about their sexual desires and intimacy issues.

And that’s what we have on “Sex Box,” a groundbreaking reality TV show from Britain that will soon be airing on American television via WEtv. You can check out the British version in the video below. “Sex Box” in the U.S. has no official airdate yet, but we will keep you updated about this here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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