What If Humans Disappeared: ASAP Science [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
What If Humans Disappeared: ASAP Science [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: wikimedia commons/ SI-Ziga |

The video below has futuristic contents because it is based on the idea of what will happen if humans suddenly disappeared. How chaotic will it be? It also indirectly shows us how humans or the Homo sapiens are a very crucial part of the existence.

We might have never imagined about it before. So here’s what might happen when the humans suddenly disappear. Humans have been involved in the damning of rivers to changing the chemistry of the atmosphere. But what will happen if we disappear? First, the nuclear plants would run out of fuel and shut down. Second, as lights go out, the electric fences would be useless, and so the cattle would break out of their enclosures in search of food.

Almost billion cows, pigs and chickens would run in search of food out of hunger. Without any humans to feed them, most of them will starve and die and some may become prey to other species of animals such as dogs and cats. These billions of dogs and cats would further be outnumbered by the more wild species like lion, tiger, wolves, etc.

Third, other animals/insects that are dependent on humans such as rats and cockroaches would also reduce in number, whereas others such as body lice or head lice will go extinct. In the cities, there are many boulevards that are situated on riversides. Without any electric pumps to pump out the water, underground subway tunnels will be flooded with water. There will be outgrowths like weeds or even bigger plants on buildings.

Fourth, even before the flooding and outgrowths, most of the cities in the suburbs would either burn down due to the lightning, as those houses are made of timber and without any fire fighters help it will just get wiped out. In the country sides, the houses will be destroyed by termites and other decomposers, if not fire. Fifth, the buildings, cars or any other things which are made up of iron or steel will rust in time.

Sixth, now that the humans are long gone for almost over hundred years, the other species of animals that has not been mentioned earlier would roam around the world like migrants from one place to another. The only other things that have the possibility of surviving are the “trash” created or dumped by us, which will take ages to decompose. If any aliens would come to visit our planet in the future, all they might find are the carbon-based particles in the sedimentary rocks, which is found in the plastics.

Watch the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/SI-Ziga

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