What to Expect from SyFy’s “Dark Matter”

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
What to Expect from SyFy’s “Dark Matter”
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In less than a month, one of SyFy’s newest shows, “Dark Matter”, will be hitting the small screen on Friday, June 12, 2015 at 10:00 PM. In anticipation for this new series, which was ordered by the channel, as part of its attempt to go back to its roots, SpoilerTV has released several promotional photos, and an exciting featurette, in which the show’s producer, and that cast members themselves give fans and viewers some insight into their characters and what to expect from “Dark Matter”. Read on to learn more about this exciting new series from SyFy.

According to the featurette released on Spoiler TV, the television show, created by Joseph Mallozie and Paul Mullie who produced and wrote for the “Stargate” franchise, is based on the comic book series of the same name that was released by Dark Horse. This series, although its origin laid in a comic book created by the show’s creators, had always been intended to one day become a television series.

According to the official website of Dark Horse, the comic was written by Mollozie and Mullie, with art drawn by Gary Brown, and colors by Ryan Hill. The series ran for four issues in 2012.

According to the official website of the show, the series centers around a crew of ship in the middle of nowhere, who all suddenly wake up from statis, or suspended animation. The featurette on Spoiler TV then went on to add that the story, aside from being an action packed science fiction show, also revolves around the crew’s search for answers about who they are and how they had gotten there.

The individual cast members then also mentioned that they will have a “cool ship”, just like every great science fiction, adventure show, and it was also mentioned that the ship is also, in some way, another character on the show.

The cast also commented that the  viewers should be ready for surprises, fight sequences, explosions, and deep space exploration.

Each cast member then got an opportunity to talk about their characters, which were named by numbers in order of the sequence in which they woke up.

One, who, according to the official website, is also known as the “Pretty Boy”, is portrayed by Marc Bendavid. One is the that character who “always tries to do the right thing”. In the featurette, Bendavid mentioned that One has no real skill set.

Two, also known as the “Boss Lady”, is, according to the official website, the “de facto leader” of the entire group. In the featurette, Melissa O’Neil said that Two is fearless, and a fighter.

Three,  who, according to the website, is portrayed by Anthony Lemke, is also known as “Sunshine”, the complete polar opposite of One, and a Han Solo-type mercenary with a smart mouth.

Four, who is portrayed by Filipino Alex Mallari, Jr., is also known as “Slashy McStabberson”, the calm but ruthless fighter who fights with preciseness and accuracy.

Five, who is also known as the “Kid”, is portrayed by Jodelle Ferland. Her character is the youngest in the group and always finds herself getting into trouble. She is somewhat of a mystery as she does remember some things about the past, but it is unclear as to whose memories those are.

Six or Tiny, is portrayed by Roger Cross, who describes his character as an “imposing figure” with a heart of gold, and integrity.

Finally, the last member of the team is an Android, portrayed by Zoie Palmer. The Android is described as having a “wry sense of humor”, despite being what she is. She also has complete control over all the ship’s systems, and tries to fit into this small crew.

And that was all for the first look into SyFy’s “Dark Matter”. For more updates, spoilers and news on “Dark Matter” and other television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch the season premiere of  “Dark Matter” on Friday, June 12, 2015 at 10:00 PM on SyFy.

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