What to Expect From The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7

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The mortal threat of the living dead has been a disturbing central theme of The Walking Dead series.

The series was never so hyped up since the Governor showed up and asserted himself as the protector of and attentive leader of Woodbury but then wound up killing several members of the town and destroying it.

Caesar Martinez became aware of the Governor’s chaotic emotions that were tearing him apart from the inside and deserted his comrade in the past week’s episode, ‘Live Bate’. But now, Caesar has returned, leading his own group of followers and managing them in his own way.

The title ‘Dead Weight’ brings about a lot of possibilities and speculation about Martinez as to how Martinez views his role as the leader of his new found group of comrades especially when they are exposed to all the zombies walking around, among the scarce possibility of some survivors out there in the woods.

Martinez also clearly mentions that ‘Dead Weight’ will not be tolerated. What could this mean? Will the dead weight be the Governor’s new found group, Tara, Megan and Melody? Whom the Governor has sworn to protect. Or could the dead weight be the Governor himself? Given his emotional and physical condition it is a likely possibility.

In the season prior, Martinez was really as exposed when he was with the Governor. The Governor’s personality simply over shadowed his and he was mainly considered his accomplice. This season will probably take us into a deeper look at Martinez’s character and whether or not the Governor will participate in his regime.

Episode 7 and to some extent episode 6 bring about a lot of change and demand adaptation. Whether or not the Governor and Martinez will be able to adjust to these changes and challenges will be seen as the series goes along. Though we have seen for fact that the Governor has survived for 6 months straight after the fall of Woodbury.

Below are two previews of Sunday’s episode. The long clip is an actual scene from the episode; the short one provides an overview.

Source: PennLive

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