Whedon Takes on Much Ado About Nothing

By admin | 5 years ago

Much Ado About NothingJoss Whedon brings his take of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing to the big screen this summer. The director really knows how to appeal to moviegoers. His black-and-white adaptation of the play will compete against other blockbusters at the peak of the summer season.

Much Ado About Nothing is a very good movie. It is filmed at Whedon’s Santa Monica home. It is about a theater where men and women realize they can’t live with or without one another. Amy Acker is Beatrice and Alexis Denisof is Benedick. They are enemies who have sworn off marriage. On the other hand, Beatrice’s cousin Hero (Jillian Morgese) is in love with Claudio (Fran Kranz).

Hero’s father (Clark Gregg) and his friend Don Pedro (Reed Diamond) plan to push Benedick and Beatrice to be together. Don John (Sean Maher) has some plans as well. He doesn’t want to see Claudio happy and comes up with schemes to stop his marriage.

Fans of Whedon will be happy to see members of the Whedonverse in Much Ado About Nothing. They are Maher (Firefly), Acker and Denisof (Angel), Gregg (Avengers), and Kranz and Diamond (Dollhouse). Nathan Fillion makes an appearance in the movie as the watchman Dogberry. All of them are perfect for the characters they portray in the movie.

The actors give their best in handling Shakespeare’s dialogues. The setting provides a beautiful stage to the story. The camerawork is fresh. Whedon takes on eternal themes and make them relevant to modern viewers. He filmed it over a 12 day period during a break from the Avengers. And yet the movie doesn’t feel rushed at all.

Much Ado About Nothing is a masterpiece. Joss Whedon did The Bard justice with this movie. It is not just for fans of the filmmaker. Everyone can enjoy this piece of visual art.

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