Wheel of Fortune has just Second Million Dollar winner

By admin | 5 years ago

The Wheel of Fortune is celebrating its 30th year on television and continues to be one of the most popular game shows televised. This week the show handed out just its second $1 million prize in its 30 years on TV.

Autumn Ernhard was the lucky person to win the prize this week. The show’s executives added the $1 million wedge to the wheel, in celebration of their 30 years on TV.

While spinning in a regular game, Ernhard landed on the million dollar wedge and kept it until the final bonus round that she qualified for after winning over $30,000 in prizes.

Once she reached the final round, her wedge was added to the wheel that players spin to determine the final prize they can win. She landed on the $1 million wedge. She was given her puzzle to solve and only correctly guessed three letters to help her solve it. Nevertheless, she was able to solve it and shortly thereafter host Pat Sajack awarded her the $1 million.

Ernhard was chosen for the show out of a group of other contestants because she is 30 years of age. She was asked what she planned to do with her winnings and said she wanted to use some for her upcoming wedding.

The show has been popular for three decades and is seen both during the day and in the evening depending upon the location of the viewer. Sajack has been the host since the show started back in 1983.

Show executives promise to have more large prizes available as they continue their celebration of their three decades on television.

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