When Animals Dream Preview [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
When Animals Dream Preview [WATCH VIDEO]
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“When Animals Dream” is a horror film directed by Jonas Alexander Arnby and written by Rasmus Birch. It is set to open in Denmark on July 31, 2014. The cast includes: Lars Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter, Mads Riisom, Jakob Oftebro,  Sonia Suhl, Gustav Dyekaer Giese, Stig Hoffmeyer, Esben Dalgaard, Benjamin Boe Rasmussen and Tina Gylling Mortensen. Read on to learn more about “When Animals Dream.”

In the world where supernatural metaphor is widely exemplified, “When Animals Dream” is a coming-of-age movie that will alter the typical understanding of embracing the inner monster.

Sixteen-year-old Marie (Sonja Suhl) is an ordinary girl who is gifted with the werewolf gene. It begins when her lycanthrope characteristics are triggered the moment she starts working at the local fish factory in the remote northern coast of Denmark. As she is being harassed by her male co-workers, her violent response exposes her true nature.

Hairs are starting to grow where they shouldn’t be. The presence of her heightened hunger for lust and physical aggression is becoming too rampant. Witnessing her symptoms and connecting it to her mother’s (Sonja Richter) heavy sedation, she begins to understand what her dad (Lars Mikkelsen) is truthfully doing, and she chooses to deviate and clinch the reality of her monstrous identity.

“When Animals Dream” is one of those movies that have successfully utilized the lycanthropy folklore as an allegory to highlight the acts that deviate against the patriarchal anxiety and the full representation of female puberty, sexuality and empowerment.

Screenwriter Rasmus Birch made sure that his lines were minimalistic but very striking at the exact same time, altogether complimenting the geographical backdrop of the story. A lot of movies have been gunning on this type of plot drive, much like the notable comedic horror trilogy of “Ginger Snaps.”

Hollywood Reporter detailed the movie’s cinematography by Neils Thastum. He obtained the graphical theme of secrecy and vulgarity as he used the gift of their locations landscape in the most intense way he could muster. Externally, he shot the desolated rocky coast of Jutland in the hues of watercolor palette of marine blues, sandy sepias and rain-cloud grays. On their indoor setting, he utilized the mundane approach as he adapted to the brightly lit visage of Danish television drama.

The debut movie of Jonas Alexander Arnby is the perfect combination of eerie and beauty. He presented it in a very astonishing setting that was akin to the appealing physical attributes of Maria’s character. Meanwhile, the people behind the scenes were not the only ones recognized as Sonia Suhl garnered countless praises for her performance. The irony of her bemused demeanor immensely reflected her expression of the nigtmare-ish situation taking place in her life. With this, she was still able to appear as a sympathetic figure despite the fact that she had turned into a carnivorous being.

Overall, “When Animals Dream” is a movie that completes the elements of a horror film with consequential bearing. It has significantly accentuated the beauty that is present in monstrosity. Coming to its viewers with unhindered violence and sex, subtlety will be the last thing imprinted on their minds once the credits start rolling.

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