When Reel Stephen Hawking Meets the Real Stephen Hawking [WATCH VIDEO]

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
When Reel Stephen Hawking Meets the Real Stephen Hawking [WATCH VIDEO]
Eddie Redmayne head shot.

Meeting a great person can make someone stressed and possibly klutzy. Eddie Redmayne is no different.

Redymane told how he made a little boo-boo when he had the chance to meet Stephen Hawking face to face. The actor, who plays the physicist in his biopic titled “The Theory of Everything,” said that it was a profound honor in meeting the great man himself, but his meeting him did not as planned. The actor’s transformation was hailed by a lot of film critics and is an Oscar worthy performance.  The film also grounded itself into the story about a person and his love for astrophysics and did not turn itself into a scientific exploration. It also focused on Hawking’s wife Jane and how their love for each other developed.

On his appearance at the “Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” he observed that Hawking was born on Galileo’s birthday and opened his statement to Hawking about how they were both Capricorns.

Hawking took six minutes to answer Redmayne’s greeting, and he thought that it was a very long time. After that, Hawking, in his iconic voice, corrected Redmayne that he is an astronomer and not an astrologer. He further went on that the thought of him turning a great astrophysicist that he’s playing as in film have been turned into a mystic was a truly a mortifying image.

Redmayne also highlighted his deep admiration not just for the works of Hawking but also on how he lived his life and how it affected him as a human being.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Jake Chessum

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