When will Tom Cruise See Suri Again

By admin | 6 years ago

While the details of the divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are confidential, there are speculations regarding its contents. People are wondering what will happen to Suri Cruise, their daughter. Tom Cruise

If Katie Holmes gets primary custody, people are asking when Tom Cruise will get to see his daughter again. A source close to Cruise said that the actor hopes to see his 6 year old daughter as soon as he completes shooting near Mammoth Lakes, California. This could happen as early as this weekend.

There are some insights as to the details of the custody of Suri. According to a source, Cruise and Holmes decided for a flexible arrangement for visitation. The insider confirmed that Katie Holmes will get primary custody of Suri. Cruise’s plan is to see Suri as often as possible. He added that Cruise really love his daughter and is a normal parent to her.

There are speculations that Tom Cruise is willing to spend every cent he has to induct Suri into Scientology. According to sources, the actor has made a long term plan to indoctrinate his daughter into his religious cult.

Another source was quoted as saying that Tom Cruise has already subjected Suri into Scientology audit. He is willing to bet everything on the line and has made it clear that he’s willing to spend every last cent to fight for Suri.

Cruise had told friends that he had been caught off guard with the divorce and felt betrayed by the 33 year old actress. It shocked him that all the while she told him that she loved him; she was already planning the divorce.

According to reports, Katie Holmes is determined to keep her daughter away from Scientology. Cruise has started to audit Suri behind her back. This is the practice that supposedly cured people of emotional and mental problems and set them on a path to enlightenment.

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