The Whispers Trailer Released [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sarah Tejares | 3 years ago
The Whispers Trailer Released [WATCH VIDEO]
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“The Whispers” is new TV series on ABC. Although it was not yet available, a trailer has been released.

As you can see in the official trailer of “The Whispers,” it shows how imaginary friends of the kids manipulated their minds.  The most intriguing part of the trailer is a kid who created a homemade bomb because of the imaginary friend. In the last part,even the president’s daughter is in control of the so-called imaginary friend.

According to Deadline, the ensemble cast of “The Whispers” include Milo Ventimiglia, Lily Rabe and Barry Sloane. Moreover, the TV series would be moving to Vancouver after filming the pilot in Los Angeles. The kids joining in the series are Abby Ryder Fortson (Harper Weil) and Kylie Rogers (Minx). Originally, “The Whispers” was titled “The Visitors,” according to
Based on the official synopsis of the drama series fromInternational Movie Database (IMDb), an unexpected force is controlling the children to support its cause. However, as the kids, unaware, help the unidentified enemy, it will be a race to save hhumanity.

”The Whispers” is created by Soo Hugh, and he is also the executive producer. His co-executive producers are Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Dawn Olmstead. Spielberg is also part of the “Extant” series, alongside Mickey Fisher, and the main protagonist is Halley Berry as Molly Woods. The show is also an alien-themed drama  focused on Molly Woods, an astronaut who was sent out in a solo mission and returned home pregnant. As of the moment, there are no announcements yet about the release date of “The Whispers.”   And that was the latest scoop on ABC’s “The Whispers.” For more updates about this show and upcoming movies, keep tabs  on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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