White Collar Recap: Borrowed Time

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
White Collar Recap: Borrowed Time
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White Collar” Season 6 Episode 1 “Borrowed Time” aired last Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, the entire team collaborated with Rebecca or Rachel Turner (Bridget Regan) in order find the kidnapped conman, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer). In the course of the events that flowed, Neal ended up working with his captor. They must work together in order to steal from the head of the most notorious international group of thieves — the Pink Panthers. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In the final episode of the previous season, conman Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) were able to keep the twin of the Hope Diamond safe from Rebecca (Bridget Regan), who was also known as ex- MI5 agent Rachel Turner. Aside from that, they were able to capture her once and for all. Peter, who had submitted a recommendation for Neal’s release from the FBI and who was on track to become section chief at Washington, turned the job offer down. It was after he learned that the director of the FBI was not granting Neal’s early release despite all the great work he had done.

However, Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen), Peter’s wife, who got a job at the National Gallery at Washington DC, decided to take that job offer. Because the FBI did not grant his early release, Neal and his partner in crime, Mozzie (Willie Garson), planned on figuring out how to remove his anklet so that Neal could finally be free of the FBI. However, after Mozzie left, he was kidnapped by a man who had been following him for the last couple of days and threw his anklet away onto a passing pickup truck.

The episode picked up where the previous episode left off. As Peter and the FBI noticed that Neal’s anklet had come off, they decided to storm Neal’s apartment in order to look for any clues as to where he could have gone. The place did not look like as if Neal had planned to leave. FBI Agent Diana Barrigan (Marsha Thomason) found several wads of cash hidden in a corner. Just as Peter remarked that Neal and Mozzie would be “long gone” at that point, Mozzie came in with a mannequin that highly resembled Neal.

At the FBI, Peter kept on asking Mozzie where Neal went, but Mozzie kept on insisting that he did not know where Neal was. He also told him that Neal could not have run off because if he did, he would have gone with Mozzie. Their escape plan would be an elaborate plan that left no loose ends at all, even if they had found his anklet on a pickup truck on its way to Pennsylvania. Mozzie then told Peter that Neal could not have gotten his anklet out by himself. He had been with Neal discussing the “future” a few minutes before Neal had gone missing. As things did not add up, Mozzie concluded that Neal had probably been abducted.

Meanwhile, Neal had reached his destination, an abandoned parking lot with an empty elevator shaft, and his captor, the man who had been following him, removed the hood from his head. Neal, cocky as ever, thanked his captor for helping him escape from the FBI. Annoyed, his captor pushed the chair nearer to the shaft and revealed that he was Rebecca’s associate — the one who had provided her with the helicopter. Neal then realized that his captor was “on a clock." He was desperate enough to force Neal to retrieve the diamond back from the FBI. However, he did not know who it was for. Right on cue, his captor received an important phone call. While he answered the call, Neal took the opportunity to unscrew one of the screws on the chair in order to get out of his handcuffs.

Back at the FBI, Peter revealed to Diana that he was torn. He was both afraid that Mozzie was right and that he also hoped that he was right. However, as Mozzie was still inside the White Collar division of the FBI, which was his least favorite place in the world. Diana believed that he was telling the truth. Peter, after catching Mozzie trying to use the Bureau’s listening devices on them, told Mozzie to go home. This made Mozzie suspicious and insisted on staying. However, he stopped talking when he saw Rebecca being brought in for questioning because she was the one who had the most motive to hurt Neal. Mozzie then insisted on staying, even if Rebecca tried to kill him before.

Meanwhile, based on the telephone conversation his captor had just taken and because he had heard the name Woodford (Gavin Lee), Neal realized that his captor needed the diamond. That was his audition for the best and most notorious group of international thieves — the Pink Panthers. He had known this because Woodford was the head of the Pink Panthers. Neal then told him that he could help him out and suggested that they steal something else instead of the diamond. Neal then got his captor to trust him and struck a deal with him. He would help him steal from the head of the Pink Panthers in exchange for a way out of town. His captor was reluctant at first but agreed after Neal told him that the FBI were closing in on them already.

Back at the FBI, Peter told Rebecca that he was not going to offer anything in return for her helping them figure out who grabbed Neal. He then revealed to her that he had stayed in New York instead of going to Washington DC for Neal, as his release had not been granted. Hend told her that he had done this because it was the right thing to do. Peter knew that Rebecca did not have any concept of right and wrong but knew that she did love Neal.  

Just as Neal and his captor left, the FBI and Mozzie arrived. Because of this, his captor, a man named Booth (Toby Moore), agreed to work with Neal. After finding wood shavings on the ground underneath the chair, they found that Neal etched the word "Kessman," as he had learned the location of Woodford’s office from Booth.

Back at the FBI, FBI Agent ClintonJones(Sharif Atkins) told them that Jim Booth was a “thief for hire” and usually worked alone. Mozzie then told them that as Neal had known where he was going, he may have “adapted to the situation at hand.” So instead of narrowing down what they were going to steal and from whom they would be stealing from, they asked Mozzie how they would be able to get into a building with top notch security. At this point, Mozzie and Neal told the FBI and Booth that they would be able to get into the building through the roof. They would have to zipline their way onto the Kessman Building’s roof from the building beside it while the guard was doing his patrol on the roof. They would then be able to go down using the fire escape stairs. Mozzie was then forced to reveal to Peter that they could get all of the materials they needed for this from a man named Fat Charlie. Mozzie then told Peter that he had realized that Neal liked working with Peter as he was able to think of how “he would commit the crime without the threat of jail time.”

Luckily, Peter and Mozzie got there before Neal and Booth did. He then impersonated Fat Charlie just in time for Booth and Neal to show up. After writing down the equipment that he needed, Neal clicked the pen he was using to retract the tip and wrote the words Pink Panthers on the slip, which Peter confirmed with Neal.

In the van, Mozzie won a bet against Jones, in which he could ask anything he wanted. Jones would give a truthful answer after he predicted that Peter would go along with Neal’s plan.

 Back at the FBI, Peter revealed to them that the Pink Panthers were “the most dangerous thieves in the world.” They had stolen more than $1.2 billion worth of diamonds, jewelry and other valuable items. They then realized that Neal and Booth were going to hit the office of Alan Woodford at the Kessman Building because there was an audition process to be able to join them. He also had realized that Neal was planning on infiltrating the group as it would mean a big win for the Bureau as no law enforcement agency has ever been able to capture them.

Later that night, Mozzie joined Peter for dinner as he had bought him some real food for dinner as Elizabeth had asked Mozzie to make sure that Peter did not eat cereal for dinner.

 The next day, as Neal and Booth started to set up for their caper, they realized that Booth had been inside the building before. This put a snag on their plans as their plan was built on the fact that Booth would walk out of the lobby of the building. As that was not possible, Neal had to go in himself. With Booth as his spotter, Neal fired a crossbow with a flammable cord attached to it to the Kessman Building. As his travel had gotten broken, Neal used his belt to zipline across. After he landed, he burned the cord, which burned and disappeared. He then was able to get into Woodford’s office. He was able to break into his real safe as Woodford kept a dummy safe at his desk. However, he was almost caught by Woodford, who suddenly entered his office. Luckily, he went back down to the lobby as he had been called by reception downstairs.

Neal discovered that Mozzie had been successful in stalling Woodford, giving him enough time to exit. After meeting up with Booth, Booth pulled a gun on him, as he was no expendable. However, Peter, Diana and Jones showed up just in time and put a bullet in Booth’s shoulder. Neal then told Peter that he wanted a deal and a written contract from the FBI. In exchange for the capture of the Pink Panthers, he wanted his freedom, to which Peter agreed. Before wearing the anklet once more, Neal visited Woodford. He revealed to him that he had stolen his passports from his real safe and submitted his intention on joining them. Later, at the FBI, Neal told Peter that he believed that he passed the first test.

He then spoke to Rebecca before she was taken away. She told him that people like him and her lived on borrowed time, and it was either they ended up in jail or dead. However, Neal refused to believe this as he said that there was “always another way.” She then told him to live his life well. The “closest thing to a happy ending” for them was to be able to do some good before the end. After she had left, Neal realized that she was really saying goodbye to them all. Sure enough, they discovered that she had been shot by her escort as she had grabbed his gun. Neal, affected by everything, as he had fallen in love with her Rebecca persona, was greatly affected.

Back at home, Peter was surprised to see that Elizabeth was back from Washington DC. She then told him that she had discovered that she was pregnant.

Back at Neal’s apartment, Mozzie told Neal that working with the FBI was “tempting” but was just an “illusion.” Neal then revealed to Mozzie that he had struck a deal with the FBI for his freedom. However, Mozzie was skeptical as they had failed to deliver on that promise before. However, Neal then told him that he was also after something else besides his freedom.

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