White Collar Recap: Uncontrolled Variables

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White Collar Recap: Uncontrolled Variables
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White Collar” Season 6 Episode 3 “ Uncontrolled Variables” aired last Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) teamed up with Matthew Keller (Ross McCall) in order to con the assistant of a big tech firm in order to steal one file. Meanwhile, FBI Agents Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), Diana Barrigan (Marsha Thomason) and Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) discovered who Keller’s Interpol handler was. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and Mozzie (Willie Garson) walking through the streets of New York. They are discussing the latest development with regards to the Pink Panthers case. Mozzie warned Neal. Since both Neal and Matthew Keller (Ross McCall) had leverage over each other- what Keller liked to call “mutually assured destruction” – that he had to be careful. However, as they had discovered that Keller was working for Interpol, at least they knew what exactly Keller was up to. Mozzie then revealed to Neal that he was carrying a sarabobo doll inside the box he was carrying as he was planning on giving it to Elizabeth. It was a “Japanese good luck amulet for expecting mothers” and told him that he was going be Elizabeth’s “doula.”  They were then interrupted as Neal had just received a message for another Pink Panthers meeting which would happen in a couple of hours. This meant that he had to head over to the FBI to prepare for the coming meeting.

At the FBI White Collar Division conference room, Neal, and FBI Agents Diana Barrigan (Marsha Thomason), Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) and Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) found it amusing that a guy like Keller was currently working as an Interpol criminal informant, which, of course, Interpol denied. They then concluded that he must have a handler nearby who switched the RFID chip in his tracking device on and off. He hadn’t set off any alarms yet because the Panthers scanned them every time they met. They then decided to scan the area for Keller’s handler while Neal met up with the Panthers.   

At the Farmer’s Market, Keller revealed to Neal that on Alan Woodford’s (Gavin Lee) orders, they would be working together. They were instructed to steal a digital file called Exodus from the vault of a security technology company called Atlas Tech. Much to Neal’s displeasure, he learned that the only way into the office was to con the longtime executive assistant of Harold Grant, the CEO of the company- a woman named Amy Harris. Keller also revealed that they had seventy-two hours to con the girl, and to copy the file as her boss was going to be out of town from seventy-two hours. Before Keller could make any move on Amy, Neal decided to be the one to con her as he knew that Keller would only scare her off.

Neal then approached Amy, and helped her pick out some vegetables from the Farmer’s Market, and introduced himself as a chef. She told him that she was from Iowa and worked as an assistant. Before Neal left, he bought a plant and gave it to her. She was then approached by Keller, who asked her for a tour of New York. Luckily, Neal was there to save the day. He decided to walk her to her office building so that he knew that she would be safe.

Meanwhile, Peter and Diana noticed a man seated at an outdoor café near the market who looked vaguely familiar. After he sat down beside him, he discovered that his hunch had been right. The Interpol Agent then introduced himself as Luc Renault (Isaach de Bankole) and told him that he did not want Peter to steal his case.   

At Amy’s office building, Neal was successful in asking her out for dinner at his place the next night. Afterwards, Keller told Neal that he had just “handed her on a platter” to Neal. He wondered on why they had never run that kind of con together before. They then went to Neal’s apartment where they met Peter and Renault. There, Peter told Renault that they should work together in catching the Panthers as they both had the same goal. Because the FBI had more jurisdiction over the case, the Panthers were currently operating in the United States.

At the Burke residence, Diana dropped by in order to give Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) some baby books that she had read before giving birth to baby Teddy. Diana then reassured Elizabeth that despite his busy workload, Peter would always make sure to have time for her and for the baby. However, Diana reminded her that what was also important was that they never lose the love and romance for each other.

Back at Neal’s apartment, Neal was busy trying to create a beautiful plated meal for Amy when Mozzie arrived with a floor plan of Atlas Tech, which he was able to procure by working as a janitor for the company. The floor plan revealed that the vault was down the hallway from her desk and that they had to get her to open it without her knowing as it only opened to her fingerprint and iris scan. Once they were in, all they needed to do next was to copy the file onto a USB. Neal then realized that Peter was right in saying that they needed to all work together, as they needed Keller as well to pull off the job.

Now, all Neal needed to do was to find a way in and to distract Amy, which he accomplished by delivering a beautifully plated meal to her office desk for lunch the next day. Then Amy got distracted as she saw Keller, dressed up like a policeman, walking out of the general area of where the vault was. While she was distracted by Keller, whom she had recognized from the previous day, Neal pulled out the line of the telephone from telephone unit so that when she tried to call security, there was only a dial tone. Neal then suggested that she check the vault to see if anything had been stolen. After checking it, she told Neal that nothing had been stolen. However, before the vault doors had closed, Mozzie, dressed up as a janitor, slipped in. However, when he got to the van where Keller, Renault, Neal and Peter were, he told them that he had to steal the entire file as the file was on a 1960s giant floppy disc.   

Jones explained to Renault that big tech companies and military stations used Cold War era technology as it was hard to copy or hack old school technology. Plus, what made it harder was that not many people had the equipment needed to read a floppy disc like that. However, the only good thing was that once the company had discovered that the Exodus file was missing, they would not report it to the police right away. The only bad thing was that because of that, Amy would probably get fired, which was why Neal was reluctant to use her again, as she did not “deserve this." Peter and Neal then came up with a scheme that might probably not get her into trouble. Neal would stall Amy during their dinner while Mozzie, Peter and Renault figured out how to copy the data on the Exodus file. Afterwards, he would slip it into her bag, and hopefully, she would just put it back the next day in order to save herself. The only variable that Neal did not like in both plans was the fact that Amy would realize that Neal had conned her.

At Neal’s apartment, Neal deliberately stalled Amy’s dinner by talking about the history of the sole, and teaching her how to slice leeks. Just as they were about to kiss each other, June, Neal’s landlady, came in and helped Neal lengthen their dinner.

At the Burke residence, Mozzie tried several times to read the floppy disc using some old computer equipment and an old printer that he had somehow acquired. Finally, they were able to access the data on it and printed it out. Peter then called Neal up in order to tell him the good news. However, Neal was having a difficult time in continuing the con as he had realized that they both had feelings for each other. However, Peter told him that there was no other way, and told Neal to hope that she wouldn’t “connect it to you.” .

However, things took a more interesting turn after June had left as she received a phone call from her boss who had arrived early from his trip. She then started to panic as she knew that she was going to be fired as an important file had suddenly gone missing from the vault.

Back at the Burke residence, Peter guessed that the Exodus file was an algorithm of sorts. Neal then informed Peter of the complication that had happened. Peter then told Renault that he would be the one to go to Harold Grant and inform him that they had taken the disc as part of an ongoing investigation, despite Renault’s objections, as the case meant “everything” to him. Peter also gave his word that he would make sure that Amy would not be fired, especially as she was innocent. However, while Peter got changed into a suit, Renault took the disc and called Keller up. When Peter came back downstairs, he discovered that both Renault and the disc were gone.

Neal, who had just brought back Amy to her house, was called up by Peter who informed him of what had happened. He suspected that Renault had instructed Keller to slip the disc into her bag, which had been their original plan. True enough, Keller was lurking in the shadows inside Amy’s apartment. However, he was caught while trying to slip the disc into her bag. After she recognized him, he told her to be quiet, and pulled a knife on her. Neal then burst in and told him to put away the knife. Keller then told him that Amy knew that they had stolen the file. Amy then was informed by Keller that she had been conned by Neal and that he did that kind of thing a lot. However, Neal told her that he had not wanted her to “get into trouble." He then tried to convince her to be quiet about them, as they “worked for killers." He then told Amy that instead of getting fired and going to jail, she was going to be able to “climb the ladder” due to this incident. He then instructed her to tell her boss that she resented the fact that she had only been an assistant for all the six years that she had worked for him. In stealing the file, she had “exposed a major security flaw in the company,” which was not good at all for a security company. Thanks to this, he would give her a promotion in order to buy her silence.

After she met up with her boss, she informed Neal that she had quit and slapped him hard in the face. Then, she thanked him for making her realize that she did not belong in New York at all.  

Back at the FBI, Jones and Diana told Peter and Renault that the Exodus file was indeed an algorithm. It was a randomizer that chose at random for transporting goods in and out of the country based on three categories- international United States airports; international airlines; and another set of numbers that they believed to be coordinates or numbers related to wherever the goods were being transported to. This meant that the Panthers were gearing up to steal a high valued target. Without the Exodus file, they would have no clue as to where the goods would be going.

After the meeting, Peter called Renault to his office. He told him off as Keller had almost killed Amy, and because he had stolen “evidence” from his house. Peter then decided to arrest him for not only obstructing justice but because Interpol claimed that he “didn’t exist” .

Back at Neal’s apartment, Neal told Mozzie that he had deserved the slap he had gotten from Amy. He realized that perhaps the reason why he liked working for the FBI was because he got to con bad guys instead of good guys like Amy.

Meanwhile, at the Burke residence, Peter reassured Elizabeth that no matter what, they would never lose that hint of romance they had for each other.

Because of what had happened, he contacted Keller and told him that if he hurt anyone innocent again, that he would tell the Panthers that he was working for Interpol. Keller then told him that if he did that, he would also tell the Panthers about Neal’s involvement without the FBI. Neal then confidently told him that he did not need a “sweet spot” just in case. Keller then reminded him that no matter what, there would always be collateral damage. It was even after they were able to gain their freedom by capturing the Panthers, they would both become “hunted men.” Keller told him that even if the Panthers were in prison, they would still be able to find them. If they didn’t, they would come after those whom they hold dear until one wished that they had found them instead.  

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Catch the fourth episode of the final season of “White Collar” on December 4, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on USA Network.

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