White House Concerned Sequester will Hurt Middle Class

By admin | 6 years ago

During his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama warned that the sequester could hit the middle class hard and the economy as a whole. He urged Congress to come up with a compromise to avert the automatic cuts of over $85 billion.

Obama said the families in the middle class should not be made to suffer just because Congress could not come up with a plan to eliminate some special interest loopholes in taxes or programs in the government that are just not working.

At this time, when business leaders and economists from across the board are saying the economy is poised for new growth, we should not create anything that would impeded that progress, added the president.

A significant amount in his address was devoted to the real consequences that would take place as a result of the sequester being implemented. Top White House aides warned on Friday that the cuts would hurt law enforcement, withhold mental health care, hurt education programs and layoff thousands of people.

Obama said if the sequester goes forward thousands in the U.S. who work in education, national security and clean energy will likely lose their jobs. Food inspectors and even fire fighters could find themselves without work, leaving communities throughout the U.S. vulnerable.

Obama warned that the sequester cuts could cause a problem with the military readiness. The president added that military leaders in the U.S. have stated that changes like what the sequester would cause, would affect their ability in responding to threats in area of the world that are unstable.

Although the president has warned about the dire impact of the cuts, neither Congressional Republicans nor he seems that willing to give any ground.

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