White House Leaks Cause Outrage

By admin | 6 years ago

The Obama Administration has been accused by Sen. Lindsey Graham of deliberately leaking classified information to media outlets in order to help the president to look good during a year in which there is an election. The Republican from South Carolina said it does not take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out what has happened and continues to happen. Graham said at least three leaks of important intelligence information have painted the president out to be a strong leader.

The stern words from the South Carolinian Senator, who is a member of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, came as Senator John McCain, the committee chairman called for a new investigation into the latest leak of information that was classified about intelligence operations by the U.S. The FBI has also reportedly started its own investigation of how information that is top secret can reach members of the U.S. press.

The leaks Senator McCain and Graham are referring to are about the drone program in the country of Yemen, the counterterrorism so-called “kill list” along with the possible cyber attacks that took place against the nuclear program in Iran.

Graham warned leaks could put the security of the country at risk and damage relations between the U.S. and its allies. These leaks, said Graham, all have a common theme; they paint the current president as an effective leader of national security just prior to an election.

Graham said the nature of the leaked information that included conversations that were in the Situation Room, suggests that a person connected at the highest level of the White House administration is handing out details of operations that are classified.


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