White House wants Preschool Available to more Families

By admin | 6 years ago

President Obama is making the rounds visiting Decatur, Georgia and other locations touting his plan to have more children enter preschools, but Republicans are already scrutinizing costs.

On Thursday, the President played with 4-year olds in a public preschool in Georgia. He was promoting his educational plan to increase the access to early childhood education that is free. The initiative he says would help improve the American workforce competitiveness more than other expensive options.

Obama’s proposal for preschool education was part of many policy goals he unveiled in his Tuesday night State of the Union address. A great deal of his policy goals are aimed at making the working families happier. However, the preschool proposal is in a crowded agenda Obama has for his second term and is already seeing strong resistance for Congressional Republicans.

The proposal by Obama does not mandate or ensure preschool availability for all, but it encourages more access to preschool. The program would be designed as a partnership between the state and the federal government, under which monies from the federal government would be spent to expand preschool programs for children 4 years old that live in low to moderate income families.

States would receive incentives from the program if they chose to broaden the access of preschool to families that make up to double the poverty level. Incentives would also be available to states that broaden access to full day kindergarten.

The goal, said Roberto Rodriguez the policy advisor for education, is universal preschool. The goal would be argued against by few people, but a number of Republicans have questioned whether the country would be able to afford the program.

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