Whitey Bulger, The Character of Johnny Depp In ‘Black Mass’, Will Surely Bring You Nightmares

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Whitey Bulger, The Character of Johnny Depp In ‘Black Mass’, Will Surely Bring You Nightmares
Johnny Depp is Whitey Bulger in Black Mass.

Fans have been wondering when to get another worthy performance from Johnny Depp. This was after his last movie went embarrassingly tanking. After “Mordecai,” it’s about time Johnny Depp step up his career.

A better way to do this is by playing the character of a badass, terrifying gangster in Boston in his new movie. Watch the trailer of Black Mass below and see how Johnny Depp go around the neighborhood bringing terror. In the trailer you will see that Depp has been regarded as the most feared, most notorious and most wanted gangster in the United States.

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Fans should also watch out for the crazy new look of Johnny Depp, said a report from CinemaBlend. His new look can bring you terrible nightmares. Aside from that, he portrays the most notorious gangster that ever lived in Boston. The craziest thing about Johnny’s new character is that he seemed to be a regular person. People in his neighborhood loved him as seen after an old woman told him that she is glad that the gangster is back.

The report from CinemaBlend went on saying Whitey Bulger, Johnny Depp’s character, is seen to be the Robin Hood of his neighborhood wherein he protects the people and serve them. However, he gets away killing people even in broad daylight which means there is indeed something wrong with the situation.

In the next scene in the trailer, Whitey is seen at the dining table together with his wife and son. Although this might seem like a regular scene inside a household, Whitey imparts to his son some scary wisdom. He tells his son that it’s not about what you do and the place where it’s being done. He also said that it’s not also about who you do it with or the person you do it to. At the end he leaves a question saying if nobody sees it, could you tell it happened?

Now if that didn’t get you going, then you definitely have to let it all sink in first. Brace yourselves for this Johnny Depp movie, Black Mass, to hit theaters in September 18 of this year.

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