Whitney Houston’s Family Condemns Lifetime’s Biopic ‘Whitney’

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Whitney Houston’s Family Condemns Lifetime’s Biopic ‘Whitney’

Lifetime’s TV biopic about the icon Whitney Houston caused uproar since its release on Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015. Despite critical acclaims from countless people, especially those who praised Yaya DaCosta’s great portrayal of Houston’s character, others are affected and not pleased about the focus of the film. Read on to know what the fuss is all about.

Angela Bassett’s “Whitney” focuses on Houston’s relationship with her ex-husband Bobby Brown, as well as their passion for drugs and sex. It gave intense disappointment and pain on the singer’s family, based on their lengthy statement posted on Houston’s official website.

The statement is written by Houston’s sister-in-law Pat Houston in behalf of the family. It bashes director Bassett and Lifetime for publicizing “a subpar quality” film. It claims that Lifetime “is notorious” for creating biopics of dead celebrities. It is written that the network also made “bad” biopics about Brittany Murphy, Aaliyah and “Saved By the Bell.” Pat emphasized that the network did not seek permission with the family.

The family also accused Bassett, Houston’s co-star in “Waiting to Exhale,” for taking advantage of her friendship with the world-renowned artist. They thought it was “not only disrespectful and dishonest but a slap in the face” to the legend’s genuine friends.

“You should expect people will always rise to the occasion for prominence and profit – not love, respect or honor,” Pat wrote.

Pat also shared about the predicament of her daughter from being bombarded at school by questions before the film was aired. Her daughter was concerned for her cousin Krissi Brown, Houston’s daughter. As a mother, she honestly told her daughter that in the industry, “one person in the headlines” can “destroy another.” She said Houston’s legacy was assaulted for a chance to earn and “shine.”

In the last part, the family believes that the filmmakers were not knowledgeable enough about Houston’s life. They think the team was “inexperienced and naïve.” They still believe in Houston’s goodness.

The last words are: “Truth is violated by silence just as much as by a lie.”

There you have it for the update on the statement from Whitney Houston’s family about Lifetime’s “Whitney” biopic. For more updates, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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