Who Hacked Sony’s Playstation Store? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Dondi Tiples | 4 years ago
Who Hacked Sony’s Playstation Store? [WATCH VIDEO]
Wikimedia Commons/Sony Computer Entertainment

Is Sony Entertainment Pictures losing its touch?

A month after the devastating attacks on its system, Sony Pictures Entertainment is struggling to find its footing in several released statements to its users and the general public.

While investigations continue into this unprecedented breach of the Sony PlayStation Store, even Mendiant, the security firm in charge of protecting Sony from these kinds of hack attacks are at a loss at who to blame, calling the attack an “unparalleled crime” committed by “an organized group.” But who?

After the attack, site users were dismayed by an error message: "Page Not Found! It's not you, it's the Internet's fault" on the PSN site, effectively disabling multiplayer gaming and Sony’s movie database.

Social media exploded with tweets, featuring a gang calling itself the “Lizard Squad,” who’ve been claiming credit for the cyberattack. However, the group‘s motives are hazy, other than having initiated the hacks because they can.

Suspicions that this disruption of Sony’s online store and PSN was caused by North Korea were categorically denied by Kim Jong-un’s Democratic People’s Republic. A spokesperson has stated, however, that the attack "might be a righteous deed of the supporters and sympathizers of North Korea who are joining its efforts to ‘put an end to US imperialism.’"

This comes on the heels of North Korea’s outspoken diatribes against Sony Picture’s upcoming anti-North Korean film, “The Interview,” scheduled to be released on Dec. 25, 2014. The movie stars James Franco and Seth Rogen fleshing out a plot involving the assassination of Kim Jong-un. In fact, officials from the country have appealed for the U.N. to ban the film, calling it “an act of terror and an act of war…abetting a terrorist act.”

Another group calling itself the Guardians of Peace (GOP) claimed responsibility for the Nov. 24, 2014 attack, likewise targeting “The Interview,” claiming the movie encourages terrorism that may eventually cause war.

Meanwhile, Sony is struggling to contain the leaks, which include unreleased movies, passwords to social media networks, and even confidential information on its 47,000 employees, as well as salaries and Social Security numbers of its actors.

Will more security setbacks continue to plague Sony as they celebrate their 20th anniversary? Who’s to blame?

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Sony Computer Entertainment



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