‘Who’s the Boss Star’ Was Transmitted With HIV

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Who’s the Boss Star’ Was Transmitted With HIV

Oprah Winfrey’s shows always has sensational interviews and once again, last Saturday when Danny Pintauro unveiled some unuttered truths of his life.

On this particular episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”, the “Who’s the Boss” alum released his burden of a long-held secret that he has contracted HIV since 2003. Well, this is quite astonishing, yet a matter to be empathized with. The eye-opening story by Pintauro is something more heart melting but brutally truthful. We heard about his experience which was mixed with sex and crystal meth; exploited with brusque circumstance and folded with absolute terror. (via The Daily Mirror)

The Herald Sun reports, that being an LGBT envoy, Danny explored mainly about the sexual orientation that led him to the consequences. He asserted it all started after a relationship he had in his younger days that lasted for a couple of years. After that, Pintauro went on experimenting every facet of sexual yearning that previously had terrified him alike other gay persons.

In an emotional interview aired on Saturday he admitted to outlive all the fear and enjoy the sexual craving, the 39-year-old star started to use crystal meth. He confessed though, that the drug is capable to infuse an electrifying sense but destroy one’s immunity power at its worst.

He still remembered the particular relationship that ultimately led to his HIV-positive status. He uttered in the pick of excitement he made that guy to wear condom but could not prevent the disease. Still could not be protected as he was abused by crystal meth.

Pintauro added despite being vigilant about protection while orienting with someone sexually, he received the virus 12 years ago. According to him, those who are not in a habit to use condoms may be affected 100 times swifter in being at risk of getting infected.

Post his diagnosis, he encountered an emotional doom. Jonathan Brown of “Who’s the Boss” was depressed with the fact that nobody will adore sexually. Moreover, during the ’80s, there was stigma over his gay orientation. He narrated the time he came out the closet and addressed publicly about his identity.

It was the time when National Enquirer was desperate to cover an article upon him. They have threatened him to open up before them or else they would do the article even without his approval. That time, Judith Lightand and Tony Danza his, “Who’s the Boss?”costars supported him. Judith who has essayed the role of his mother Angela in this show encouraged him to open up and shockingly in 1997, the National Enquirer had done a heart touching article on him.

He added that when he met Wil Tabares, who is now his husband, it was the first piece of information he disclosed that he is an HIV positive but Wil said ‘I’m not scared of it at all’. Daniel now lives with his husband Wil Tabares in Las Vegas and is the manager of a restaurant and has urged other members of the gay community to look after themselves.

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Photo Source: Mail Online

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