Why Is ‘Ant-Man’ So Important For Marvel?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Why Is ‘Ant-Man’ So Important For Marvel?

Ant-Man is perhaps one of those heroes who if existed in real life would not be called in a situation that deals with something really big or serious in nature. However, one should not underestimate or judge a book by its cover since you never know who could pull off what! “Ant-Man,” a movie that is going to set up the launch of phase 3 by Marvel carries equal importance just the way “Thor 3: Ragnarok” will step up the Marvel cinematic universe.

According to IB Times, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige mentioned that “Ant-Man” would further expand Marvel Cinematic Universe and is extremely crucial to what will follow after it. Set after the events of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” there are some scenes in the movie that will explain why is it so important for the upcoming phase 3 and how it’s linked to other movies like “Captain America: Civil War.” Mr. Feige mentioned that the core concept behind this is to introduce new characters in the cinematic universe instead of just making sequels to movies already done. If a new character is introduced at regular intervals, it will furthermore give Marvel varied options to where they could take their current MCU. Apart from Ant-Man, the studio has already planned to introduce characters like Black Panther and Doctor Strange in their massive line up of future productions.

Besides this, “Ant-Man” is also a very unique concept if you ponder over it. An ant sized hero whose powers become superhuman once it shrinks in size. The trailer of the movie too has been publicizing it the same way with Dr. Hank Pym aka Michael Douglas mentioning that if God like powers land up with someone bad, it could only bring upon destruction. The movie is about Scott Lang who becomes the successor of Dr. Hank Pym as the next Ant-Man because he has been looking for his chance at redemption.

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