Why Is Fox Rebooting ‘Fantastic Four’?

By Martin Antonio Cruz | 3 years ago
Why Is Fox Rebooting ‘Fantastic Four’?
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It has been revealed that the “Fantastic Four” reboot is in full swing and that we won’t be seeing that many similarities between the upcoming movie and anything that’s been written about them in the past. This could mean that everything you know about the “Fantastic Four”—be it from the movies, the comics, or anywhere else—might be nothing else but an outright lie.

That is, if you’re going to believe what lead actress Kate Mara is saying. Mara, who will be playing Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, says. In an interview early this year with Indiewire, she went on record to say that she didn’t have to read any of the comics before since, “the plot won’t be based on any history of anything already published.”

That’s mind-boggling news, especially since it comes in the wake of the news that the movie was going to be gritty, reinventing everything you ever knew about the Fantastic Four. And while we haven’t seen much action in the film since the cast was assembled, the plot synopsis  was released to the public last week. For those of you who haven’t read it, you can check 20th Century Fox’s announcement here. Oh, goosebumps!

Many in the fandom are guessing that screenwriter Simon Kinberg and director Josh Trank are basing the reboot on the 2004–2009 run of the “Ultimate Fantastic Four.” But it currently just has a synopsis, and there’s not much news coming out of the woodwork (yet!).

The problem with that is that their deadline is fast approaching and has already been moved several times as of this writing. One can’t help but wonder if maybe the unusual approach the powers that be are taking on a classic intellectual property is proving to be a little bit more difficult to work with than initially expected.

Which leads one to question: why reboot the “Fantastic Four” franchise in the first place? Why not just let it die so that the rights could revert back to Marvel, and Fox could just go back into the shadows, licking its wounds and ego.

As of now, however, Fox’s new “Fantastic Four” is slated for an Aug. 7, 2015 release. The film stars Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller and Toby Kebbell. 

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