Why Is Gavin Rossdale Wearing His Wedding Band Even After Gwen Stefani Confirms Relationship with Blake Shelton?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why Is Gavin Rossdale Wearing His Wedding Band Even After Gwen Stefani Confirms Relationship with Blake Shelton?
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He has still not taken off his wedding ring. Gavin Rossdale was recently spotted with his wedding ring still on as he made one of his few appearances after his impending divorce.

This was one of Gavin’s few appearances made after making an announcement of divorcing Gwen Stefani, his longtime love.

Stephani is now dating Blake Shelton.

Rossdale, who was wearing a black outfit, had his snickers on. He grabbed some coffee in the afternoon at Studio City and was seen with his wedding band on. He looked happy and not upset about Blake and Gwen making it official that they are now a couple. This was told to E! News by one of the insiders.

It might be a coincidence that Rossdale was seen with his signature jewelry on the same day his former wife made her relationship with Blake public.


Stefani had chatted with the 103.7 KVIL radio station where she broke her silence about her new relationship.

The singer praised her new beau on the program saying that he was full of energy  and how Blake had helped her during this crucial period of life.

Stephanie had  said that there were irreconcilable differences with her husband as the reason for their separation. She has also asked for the joint custody of the three kids she had with Rossdale; Apollo, 1, Zuma, 6, and Kingston, 9.

E! discovered this crucial information from the court papers it has acquired recently.

On the other hand, Rossdale too filed his response about the matter at a similar time. Even he has asked for the joint custody of his 3 kids. Incidentally, Gwen had ticked the box for terminating her former husband’s capability for spousal support.

We wonder, why after all these. Gavi n is still not parting with his wedding ring. Is he still hoping that there are still some hopes left for the continuation of their marriage? That’s something we have to simply wait and see.

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

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