Why is it surprising to see Taylor Swift cry for Zendaya?

By Chandni Mittal | 2 years ago
Why is it surprising to see Taylor Swift cry for Zendaya?
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s BFF Zendaya finally graduates from Oak Park High School in Oak Park, California, on Thursday (June 11).

Zendaya feels proud of her achievements and gives an encouraging speech via Instagram.

She wrote:

“Please remember knowledge is one of the most powerful gifts as we have the privilege of receiving …don’t take that for granted. To every soon to be grad, know that you CAN do it! (if I can get through it then anyone can) It’s a long road, so many things will pose as obstacles in your way and at times the end seems further and further away, but please remember the importance of that beautiful mind you have and all the limitless powers you hold.”

Taylor felt touched and cried tears of joy for the Disney star and expresses her heartfelt excitement by posting a photo of Zendaya on Twitter.

Zendaya who recently featured in Taylor Swift’s music video “Bad Blood” carved a good example of work life balance for the young generation by doing justice to both, her screen presence as an artist and style queen as well as academics. Zendaya proudly poses for a picture in a beautiful golden graduation robe and cap with her colleagues of the Oak Park High School.

Nevertheless, in the past there have been instances publicizing the special friendship between the two pals. In the Billboard Music Awards, Zenday expressed her excitement about the Music Diva and Style Icon Taylor Swift’s music album Bad Blood.

“She is so smart. People are going to be blown and are going to be obsessed with the video. I don’t know how they are going to think about anything else!” she told E! News.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor Swift


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