Wife of Ex-Hoops Coach Says Life is ruined

By admin | 6 years ago

Laurie Fine, the wife of the ex-assistant coach of basketball at the University of Syracuse has claimed that ESPN maliciously ruined her reputation by airing salacious stories regarding her and about claims, her husband had molested boys. Bernie Fine, her husband, was fired from his longstanding position as the assistant coach at Syracuse University after allegations surfaced that said he had molested ball boys for the basketball team.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Fine, at a news conference, threatened to file suit against ESPN and two of the cable network’s employees. In November, ESPN broke the controversial story about two former ball boys from Syracuse who alleged they had been molested by the assistant coach a number of years ago.

On Wednesday, she said she was both a mother and wife who had to endure being smeared publically, as a monster. She said her life had been destroyed. Her lawyer, Lawrence Fisher, declined repeatedly to answer any questions that were specific and said he was in discussions with the cable network.

Josh Krulewitz a spokesman for ESPN said the complaint has no merit and that ESPN stands behind its reporting. Bernie Fine denied any wrongdoing and to date has had no charges filed against him. Investigators started an investigation after the allegations from a third person were revealed. That third alleged victim Zach Tomaselli has since recanted his claims and called himself a liar.

Prosecutors said that both claims from the first two alleged victims were credible, but the statue of limitations had run out on them.

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