Will Adele’s New Album be As Good as “21”?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Will Adele’s New Album be As Good as “21”?

All her fans have been waiting with much anticipation for Adele’s latest album, but it reports are to be believed, there may be bit of a disappointment after it is released. Read on for more details.

There seem to be sky high expectations from Adele’s new album. It is apparently called “25” as her last album was titled “21” was simply outstanding and was within the Top 10 ranked albums for several weeks.

But, if you ask singer Damon Albarn about whether Adele’s new album is going to do better than “21” or not, you may not like his answer, especially if you are a die-hard fan of Adele.

According to Unrealitytv, Damon had worked with Adele for some time after “21” was released. So, he must have had a chance to hear some portions of this album and sadly revealed that Adele’s new album may not be the best.

Damon does not think that the tracks that he had worked on earlier will be retained after the final cut but he did chanced upon some of the music from the album.

When Adele had worked with Danger Mouse, he had told that the material was neither, good nor bad, it was mediocre. Her fans have been waiting eagerly for about four and half years for Adele’s new album and it is NOT something they would like to hear.

A number of producers have been shown the doors from Adele’s project over the past months. It looks like as if she has had to struggle quite a bit with her new album.

We adore Adele and would love to believe that she is sure of what she is doing with her new album as both her earlier albums had been practically flawless and much appreciated.

Let us hope that her new album is not as bad as it is being made to believe now.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Adele

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