Will ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ See Ashley S. Getting Married?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Will ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ See Ashley S. Getting Married?
Bachelor in Paradise

News floating all around about “Bachelor In Paradise” and most of them have the potential to take your attention for a long time. Let’s start with new romantic stories that have surfaced recently. The first couple that caught our attention is Jade and Tanner. The two are at a place where they don’t want to be ever, however, the two find good company in each other and love has started mushrooming between them.

The second best love story to catch our attention is of Ashley S. and Austin, who got engaged recently. Many people must be thinking and wondering in case Austin is the same guy whom they saw at the De’ season? Unfortunately, their guess is not right.

According to hollywoodtake.com, it cannot be said that the two couples who have got together and did so just for the sake of becoming popular at “Bachelor In Paradise.” Ashley S. had been searching for soul mate in Paradise, but the fact is that she was not doing the show when she fell in love with her college mate Austin. On the other hand, Austin was not in Paradise too at that time. So, fans all over are now speculating that Ashley will return back to Paradise when the two are happily married.

It will be wonderful to see two weddings in a given time that is of Ashley and Austin, and between Tanner and Jade. But according to bustle.com, it is difficult to hope that it will happen anytime soon.


After a ground breaking investigation, it has been found that Austin and Ashley want to live life without any interference; they like their freedom more than anything else and love it. So now, Austin and Ashley have to decide between their personal and professional life.

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