Will ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Give Some Importance To All The Steve Rogers, Bucky Theories?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Will ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Give Some Importance To All The Steve Rogers,  Bucky Theories?
Captain America

The next ambitious Marvel project that would soon hit the movie halls is “Captain America: Civil War”. Anthony and Joe Russo were not present on the site for promoting their movie in the People’s Republic of China and yet they have been relentlessly pursued with weird questions on their projects based on the comic books time and again.

According to Uproxx, One such interesting query revolves around the nature of relationship shared between Captain America and Bucky. Primarily, the query is about these 2 former buddies turned enemies turned buddies again have been feeling some sort of a romantic attachment in the upcoming movie.

The duo said that people are free for interpreting the relationship the way they want to but for them Captain America and Bucky’s relationship were like that of 2 brothers.

The characters share a deep bonding with each other and perhaps that’s what the source of inspiration for the storytelling is. Both these characters grew from practically nothing.

Bucky’s family members gave shelter to Captain America who was an orphan. He slept for many years and that’s when lost practically everything that he valued so much in his life.


Then came a time when he used that serum and transformed into Captain America. He had to sacrifice a huge part of himself to contribute for a patriotic cause.

If there is a character who is seeking for the thing he has left in the past, it is Bucky.

But people have been interpreting the relationship between Captain America and Bucky in different ways. The makers find it good when they see many people having debates about this topic and what is the meaning of that relationship for them.

But as filmmakers, Joe and Anthony Russo would not define it ver in an explicit manner.

The makers also discussed which direction Spider-Man would take since he is now in the hands of the Marvel, albeit for a moment.

They also feel that making Spider-Man is definitely easier than working on other popular superheroes such as Batman or Superman. But there is a little barrier to cross.

There is not much scope of moving away from the origin and earlier stories of the Spider-Man.


Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons: Captain America

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