Will Elsa Find A Love Interest In ‘Frozen 2’ Or Will Remain Romantically Alone?

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Will Elsa Find A Love Interest In ‘Frozen 2’ Or Will Remain Romantically Alone?

The highly anticipated sequel of animated musical fantasy film “Frozen” is definitely going to take time, but the fans are already in the midst of expecting how the next part would be. There are many theories and speculations emerging for “Frozen 2.” Read on to find out some exclusive details about “Frozen 2.”

It is speculated that Princess of Arendelle Elsa might find a love interest. It will now determine a wonderful plot for the sequel as younger Princess Anna has already found in the character of Kristoff. It will be very interesting for the audience to witness a beautiful fairy tale love story of Elsa. The Frozen fans are already speculating for the suitable character for Elsa, as stated by Realty Today.

According to Movie Pilot, most of the cast is going to reprise their roles in the sequel which indicates the same issues continuing from the first part. Eva Bella, who is the voice cast of Elsa as a child, has also been confirmed for the sequel which means there will be a segment of flashback in “Frozen 2” which will recall the joyful times of sister bonding. However, regarding Annas’ reprise of younger character there has been no confirmation yet.

Frozen is all about sisters Anna and Elsa, their sheer love and purely a feminist. The closure of first part indicates that Arendelle does not have an heir and the ice queen Elsa is alone, the question is will she remain alone? Or we can expect a romantic angle in her life. Is Elsa going to meet someone in “Frozen 2”?

In one of the latest revelation by Disney, it was officially announced that the feature is in development with the Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Let us wait to see what the directors are going to showcase in “Frozen 2”.

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