Will Ferrell Defends Transgender Controversy on Zoolander 2

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Will Ferrell Defends Transgender Controversy on Zoolander 2
Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell has finally came out  in the open and defended against  certain claims made that one of the characters in “Zoolander 2”  has been portrayed as a transgender person in an offensive manner.

Ferrell spoke to Newsbeat on the topic when he said that he is yet to watch the complete movie. The actor however said that the character portrayed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch was apt with respect to the production tone.

After a teaser revealed the character of Cumberbatch from the movie, there was a petition filed for boycotting the movie.

However, Will Ferrell claimed that the storyline of the movie progressed in sync with the script that does a parody on the world of fashion.

It was revealed in the film’s trailer that Cumberbatch is a supermodel whose name is All in the movie.  The teaser also has a joke on the gender about this character.

According to BBC, Ferrell admitted that there is some controversy created after watching the trailer. But he feels that it was not as if it was too shocking. However, since he is yet to watch the final film, he can hardly comment at this stage.


Zoolander 2’s star cast also includes Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. The movie also has guest appearances by Kim Kardashian-West, Usher and Justin Bieber. It was in 2001 that the original Zoolander movie got released. It film was a cult hit due to the character Derek Zoolander portrayed by Stiller with his signature looks.

When Will Ferrell was asked whether there would also be an Elf 2, the producer and actor said that though he was approached to make a sequel long time back, it was difficult to so with Elf as it had an unusual story.Will Ferrell feels that there are less chances of making a sequel. Moreover, since his soon nearing 50, it would perhaps not look nice if he appears in tights.


Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Will Ferrel  

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