Will Girl Meets World See Season 4? Rowan Blanchard Slams Rumors Of Bad Behavior With Cast

By Manjira Basu | 2 years ago
Will Girl Meets World See Season 4? Rowan Blanchard Slams Rumors Of Bad Behavior With Cast
Girl Meets World Season 3

Disney’s favorite teen show Girl Meets World has four more episodes to go for meeting its Season 3 end.  But following some tweets from the show, fans have started doubting if it will return for a Season 4.

At first, there were speculations that the show may simply be moving to another channel Freeform. But Rowan Blanchard’s (Riley Matthews) tweet confirmed the worst fears of Girl Meets World fans.

Blanchard’s tweet came as a response to some allegations that her relation with the cast and crew was not good.

Sources claimed that the show was being cancelled because of her ill behavior with co-star Sabrina Carpenter (Maya Hart) and rest of the Girl Meets World members. Blanchard slammed the reports, adding how hurt she was that some strangers were spreading “horrendous rumors” about her.

“The cast and I love each other more than anything, we all have had a hard time this week because of it being our possible last week,” Blanchard said.

Apparently, Disney is contemplating cancellation of the show because of what it may bring forth in Season 4. Parent Herald says the show in Season 4 may take the teens to their college while Disney does children-centric shows. Therefore, the team is considering Freeform as the better platform for showcasing more mature subjects.

Season 4 would, however, see a possible split between Lucas and Riley, owing to Maya. Rumors say that Lucas and Riley will have their mutual differences leading to arguments. In times of need, Lucas will turn to Maya which may lead to a breakup between Lucas and Riley. But the rumors have come up mostly due to a lot of unhappy Lucaya fans who were not ready to accept the Rucas story.

To keep aside preferences, Lucas and Riley’s relation will have to brave a lot of challenges before they see a happily-ever-after, though. College would mean bringing in a lot of distractions for both it shall be interesting to see their story weave through the toughest time of teens. Stay tuned for more updates on Girl Meets World Season 4.

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