‘Green Lantern’ Movie Gets A Reboot After Ryan Reynold’s Exit?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Green Lantern’ Movie Gets A Reboot After Ryan Reynold’s Exit?
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DC Comics burnt its fingers with the last Green Lantern movie. The movie wasn’t as big as the DC – Warner Brothers franchise was supposed to be. Now we hear that Ryan Reynolds has nixed the idea of appearing in the next installment. Will this be a Spiderman like reboot of the Green Lantern Saga?

The last Green Lantern movie, which was released in 2011, was considered a bomb at the box office by movie critics and comic book fans alike. Most fans commented that the movie tried to get a lot done in a super-short run of 114 minutes. The fans claimed that it failed to emotionally connect with the audiences, as the plot unfolded too quickly. The story was also found to have too many twists and many would have liked to see the story written as a trilogy.

For these and many other reasons the next Green Lantern movie has been constantly pushed aside by the Warner and DC alliance, who would rather focus on bigger box office draws like Batman and Superman.

However, die-hard fans, the writer included, would like to see what happens when Green Lantern has a face off with Sinestro on screen. But with Ryan Reynolds walking out of the project the chances of that ever happening appear to be slim. The next Green Lantern has been given a far-off release date of 2020 and fans are thoroughly dissappointed.

The next movie is rumored to have more Green Lanterns than one. Sources at Collider said that two or all three Green Lanterns from the planet Earth—Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner—could be the leads of the Warner Brothers’ Green Lantern reboot. If that happens, the movie might just generate enough buzz to pull fans back to the cinemas and generate revenue for the producers.

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