Will Joss Whedon Completely Change the Justice League Movie?

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Will Joss Whedon Completely Change the Justice League Movie?
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Justice League was handed over to The Avengers director Joss Whedon after Zack Snyder had to step down due to a personal tragedy.

With Whedon looking over some reshoots in the movie, one question has been popping up quite often. Will he change the movie in some way?

Will Joss Whedon change Justice League?

Whedon was reportedly brought in by Snyder himself to complete the Justice League movie. It was later revealed that The Avengers director was already working with Snyder for a while before the announcement was made.

It was also clarified that Whedon is simply there to overlook the production and finish Snyder’s vision for the movie. Despite that, reports refuse to die down about possible changes to the DC ensemble under his direction.

If he really were to make some changes to the movie, this is what he could perhaps add or change in the movie.

Easter eggs in Justice League

Coming from Marvel, there is one thing that Whedon would perhaps bring to Justice League and that is bringing loads of Easter eggs. He did a brilliant job with the two Avengers movies and he might try the same formula in the DC movie.

He could add references to other superheroes in the movie or throw in slight hints about the heroes that will be joining DCEU in future. Shazam, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Green Lantern are the heroes that are confirmed to be a part of the DCEU but are yet to join.

Out of these heroes, an Easter egg about Batgirl could certainly make it to the movie. Since Whedon is directing Batgirl, it would be a good opportunity for him to add a brief scene about her.

There could be some references to Nightwing as well. Considering Commissioner Gordon can be seen talking to Batman about playing well with others again in the trailer, he could be referring to either of the two.

More humor in Justice League

Until now, the one problem DCEU is facing is that its movies have dark tones. Luckily, Wonder Woman was able to change that notion about DCEU and Whedon could also bring in much lighter movie tones.

His Marvel projects are injected with humor perfectly combined in between scenes. There were multiple instances when Marvel superheroes would say something funny right inthe middle of an intense scene.

Taking cues from that, Whedon could add more humor in between scenes, creating a lighter feel.

Significant Post-credits scenes

Nowadays, post-credits scenes in a superhero movie have become key to future movies. MCU started this tradition, which fuels hype for their upcoming movies.

Since Justice League 2 is rumored to have Darkseid as the main villain, there could be a post-credits scene related to him. Darkseid is already rumored to be appearing in the movie.

With a post-credits scene focusing on him, fans will get an idea of what kind of threat will the heroes go up against. Darkseid’s post-credits scene could simply reveal his first look hence give a good head start to the character.

Style of action

ComicBookMovie.com reported that Whedon would stick to Snyder’s style of action but could also add ideas on his own. Much like how The Avengers showed all the heroes standing together in a single shot.

Just like the Marvel movie, a spectacular shot could show all the heroes fighting side by side.

Plot and release date

Justice League will assemble the DC superhero team for the first time. Steppenwolf will be invading Earth looking for the three motherboxes and it would be on the heroes to stop him somehow. The movie is scheduled to release on Nov. 17 this year.


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