Will Justin Bieber be deported back to Canada for his alleged egg-ing?

By admin | 4 years ago

It looks like the small eeg-ing incident has turned into a huge pile of trouble for our beloved Justin Bieber.

Like we told you before that there was a warrant that was issued to search Bieber’s place in his town Calabasas, California regarding his alleged egg-ing incident in which he threw eggs at his neighbor’s house. There was also a heated exchange of words between the two of them during which the neighbor asked his daughter to call the cops.

After some calculations being done, which I personally think is bogus, because, reports say that hew cause $20,000 worth of damage. How the hell does one cause $20,000 worth of damage with eggs?

Any way after that it all went downhill for Bieber as he’s been landing into trouble after trouble after, yes, trouble.

But now it seems like things just got serious on a whole new level for Biebs. It seems like the Canadian native who is living in USA on a work Visa might wind up getting deported back to Canada. We’re thinking he might go back to his hometown, Ontario that is IF he gets deported.

Do you think Bieber will still please his fans of the US from Canada? And what is your take on the amount stated about the damage that Bieber has caused?

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