Will Maddie Ziegler Go To College? Her Parents Want to Give Her an Education

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Will Maddie Ziegler Go To College? Her Parents Want to Give Her an Education
Maddie Zeigler

Dance Moms” breakthrough star Maddie Ziegler is looking forward to a life full of pleasant surprises. The little dancing star is getting to be quite a charmer on every front and her parents are expecting her to grow up to be somebody important. Read on.

Bustle.com recently did a piece on Ziegler’s future. Now here is a girl who has it all. The little girl, who is only twelve, has already made herself a star with excellent dancing and fabulous acting skills. She has danced her way into our hearts.

Ziegler started her career as a reality TV star with sensational dancing skills. Everybody will remember her on Lifetime’s “Dance Mom” series. It was where the little cherub charmed by busting some moves that will trip up professionals.

She went on to become Sia’s pint-sized muse in the iconic music video, “Chandelier.” The video went on to become one of the most played videos on Youtube and Ziegler, with her platinum blonde wig, went on to become a fan favorite. Sia was so enamored with the little girl that she signed her up for two more song videos, and both of them turned out to be hits as well.

Also, Ziegler has since made several appearances with Sia. The most notable one being the grammy’s where they appeared on the red carpet in matching platinum wigs and similar clothes.

Ziegler’s parents have since put her on home-schooling along with her sister Mackenzie. It was to ensure that the sisters are properly groomed for their future as independent artists. They anticipate a bright future for the girls, possibly even a college education. Ziegler has made it known that she wants a proper education and doesn’t really want to be just another dancer.

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Photo Source: Maddie Ziegler/ Facebook

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