Will Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Call for a Rematch?

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Will Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Call for a Rematch?
Manny Pacquaio

There were about three million people who have purchased tickets for the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight. For a lot of fans, the match is a dream-come-true as this had been cancelled for a number of years.

The longer the fight was speculated upon, the higher the anticipation was. When the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather was finally announced to happen, a lot of people spend a lot of cash to catch their boxing idols rumble inside the ring.

The first rumble for the Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather fight is in the form of national anthems. According to The Telegraph, the Mexican national anthem was played first after MC Michael Buffer made the announcement for the singing of Cinco De Mayo. Meanwhile, Oliver Brown says, “The only fathomable reason why the Mexican national anthem was just played is that this fight is sponsored by Tecate, a Mexican beer. Utterly bizarre.”

The national anthem of the Philippines followed next which was followed by the national anthem of the USA sang by Jamie Fox. The singing of the respective national anthems of each country was an indication that the fight of the century is about to start.

Manny Pacquiao went out first wearing a fantastic smile. He went up to the ring and down on his knees after reaching his post to pray. Floyd Mayweather wore a remarkable jacket with a lot of zippers on it. Mayweather was accompanied by a lot of bodyguards. We can also hear a lot of boos coming from the crowd that would make you think Floyd isn’t American.

The fighters were introduced. Manny Pacquiao’s coach, Freddy Roach was given a nice mention. The MC said, “This is the fight that the world has been waiting for. You are both world champions. Good luck and god bless.”

Round 1 begins where Manny coming forward. Floyd looks to counter. He was sharp when he first lands his straight right on Manny. Floyd is finding his range really well here. Floyd gave Manny another straight as he looked more assured. We think Round 1 is squarely to Floyd.

Meanwhile, Gareth A Davies said, “Brilliant first round by Mayweather. Controlled everything: centre of the ring, landed that dangerous right hand twice – the second time just buckling Pacman’s legs a little, and ALSO was even setting traps to land a big right by drawing Manny in.”

Bell rings for Round 2. Manny threw a lot of punches but most didn’t land. Floyd tags him and made a slight slip. Meanwhile, Manny brought a lot of energy. Manny took a hold of Floyd but he managed to wrestle than fight with Manny after bringing him to the corner.

Round 3. Manny has barely set his hand to Floyd. Fight has settled into a pattern. Manny charged on Floyd with a shot from the Pacman although the lunging right has ended into glances. Floyd has threw a couple of punches until the end of the round. Mayweather managed to stuck Pacquaio with a blow during that round which ended glancing Pacman’s glove.

Gareth A Davies gave his verdict saying, “This is a slightly more aggressive Floyd than we are used to seeing. It is working veruy effectively. Great jabs, the occasional right hand. Low blow from FM on MP. Come on Kenny, stronger warning needed. Good right to the body from FM. Pacman needs to start landing. Needs a clean combo to change pattern of fight. For me, FM winning this easily.”

Round 4 was all for Manny after throwing incredible rate. He has landed a couple of punches on Mayweather. The power of Manny has finally been unleashed rocking Floyd. However, Gareth A Davies says that Manny should not be reckless.

Round 5 is up. Floyd is letting his defense up, trying to lure Pacquiao in. Manny has tried to give more punches during the round. Denver Cuello said that Manny has to do what he did to Floyd during Round 4.

Manny stirs up the tempo as Round 6 begins. He must after managing to trap Mayweather in the corner. He unleashes his furry pounding straight to the body.

Floyd puts up his electric defense against Manny on round 7. He has been darting away from the Pacman by keeping him at distance during the round. He gave three jabs on Manny. However, Round 7 was seen to be a slower round. Meanwhile, Carl Froch said, “Manny needs to sustain the punch rate and I cannot see him doing that.”

Round 8. Manny has decided to take some risks and swing a wild left but missed. Jim Watt said that Manny Pacquiao has to take the risks against Mayweather. Manny has been chasing this round but was not able to catch Mayweather after the latter put up his super defense.

Manny gets through with a nice left but incomparable during his moves in round 4. Round 9 has already started but has not put enough combos against Mayweather. Gareth A Davies said, “”Floyd with the right hand. Great right from Floyd over the jab – great whiskers from MP. This is a great fight. The puncher/brawler against the stylist. Savour it – they will go down as greats. Great assasault from MP again. Close round but Pacquiao going for it and very much the aggressor. Floyd landed only a few single shots. Pacquiao 10-9″

The first minute of Round 10 has been pretty quiet. Manny has finally managed to get Floyd into the corner. Jim Watt said, Mayweather needed to give the judges something they would like. Carl Froch made a harsh comment when he said Manny Pacquiao has already been nullified by Floyd Mayweather.

Round 11 returned to a fight pattern where Manny starts lunging forward and Floyd putting his defense up by dancing out of Pacman’s way. At this point, Manny has not been throwing enough punches. Mayweather unleashes left right combo.

Round 12, the last round. The fighters start to hug at the opening of the round. We think that Floyd may be feeling a little well thinking about a rematch. Manny unleashes a straight but Floyd danced out. He has been enjoying dancing his way out. Manny has gamely come forward although his corner has not looked too happy. Bell rings. End of Round 12.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight of the century ended with unanimous decision from the judges.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Manny Pacquiao

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