Will There Be a Miss Universe 2014? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Will There Be a Miss Universe 2014? [WATCH VIDEO]
Miss Universum Armi Kuusela meets people in Helsinki, in front of Hotelli Vaakuna./Uploaded by Mlang.at.elisanet.fi

Millions of fans of the Miss Universe were left surprised and perplexed, after a letter started circulating on social media, claiming that yearly beauty pageant will not be held this year. The letter, which carries the sign of Miss Universe Organization (MUO), states that Paula Shugart, President of MUO, and Dora City Mayor Luigi Boria have announced that the 2014 pageant will be held only on 18 January 2015. Read on for Movie News Guide (MNG) report on Miss Universe 2014 to learn more about the hoax.

The whole letter has now been found to be an absolute prank as confirmed by Missosology report.

According to Manila Bulletin,  there could be two Miss Universe pageants next year – one in January and another in December.

A Miami Herald report noted that Doral City Council has given its consent to host the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant. The council has authorized a $2.5 million funds to host the event at the Trump National Doral Miami hotel. Mayor Luigi Boria said the Jan. 18 pageant will be “an important economic stimulator for the community.”

“The organization of this pageant will benefit all of Miami-Dade County, but specifically Doral, whose name will be promoted throughout the event,” Boria said.

The 3-1 vote came during a special session. Vice Mayor Christi Fraga voted against. Boria and Councilwomen Sandra Ruiz and Ana Maria Rodriguez voted in support, while Councilwoman Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera was not present. Fraga said she wants the pageant in Doral but using municipal funds for it according to her is not a good idea.

“I fully support the idea of having Miss Universe 2015 take place in our city,” “But I don’t think the pageant should be held with money that belongs to taxpayers,” explained Fraga.

Boria said that of the $2.5 million, the city will directly grant $500,000 to organizers of the pageant, owned by Donald Trump, within the next few weeks. The remaining amount will come later and be provided by private sponsors.

An article from Missosology  noted that there are still no official statement regarding the cancellation of this year’s prestigious pageant in Doral. The bottom line is that  The Mayor of Doral announced that the city will still host Miss Universe despite the unconfirmed date. The announcement about hosting the Miss Universe 2015 without any specify any date. Despite the fact that speculations are on the climb, the Miss Universe Organization has kept silent.

Certainly, the aforementioned press release circulating on the internet is a prank as Miss Universe Organization is yet to issue a comment regarding the contest. It might be a stunt to generate hype seeing that the more the fans get uptight and vexed, the more lime- light the Miss Universe gets.  MUO must take in account the custom, veracity and reputation of the Miss Universe as a pageant in the way of the problem and should break their silence.

Miss Universe 2013 pageant was held in Russia in Nov. 2013, so there is ample time in the hands of the organizers for this year’s pageant. This year the accurate date and venue details are still to be announced.

And that’s it for MNG’s Miss Universe 2014 update. For more details coming up about the pageant including, host, date and venue stay tuned here at  Movie News Guide (MNG). Check out the video below:

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