Will NBA’s Jeremy Lin End His Contract Talks With Dallas Mavericks After Being Acquired By Charlotte Hornets For Two Years?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Will NBA’s Jeremy Lin End His Contract Talks With Dallas Mavericks After Being Acquired By Charlotte Hornets For Two Years?
Jeremy Lin

The American basketball player, Jeremy Lin’s recent decision to veil his contract talks with Dallas Mavericks (aka Mavs) has literally surprised the fans who considered his career to be in the prime position and he was about to challenge for a starting spot with the Dallas-based Mavs this coming season. Read below to know more about Lin.

Lin, who plays as a point guard for the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is an ardent lover of “Dota 2” and he openly admitted that he enjoys playing the video game just he enjoys playing basketball.

According to Master Herald, Lin said to the reporters during the recent NBA season that he keeps himself engaged in playing “Dota 2” every night or atleast three times a week. He also explained that the five-on-five nature of “Dota 2” also requires a teamwork milieu that is similar to basketball.

The 26-year old Lin came under public attention for his Cinderella journey at the top of the league in 2012. When the short-lived phenomenon called “Linsanity” encircling Lin was at the peak, he stated that he rejected tens of millions of dollars of endorsement opportunities. He also added that his intention was to play basketball that would be for the glory of God and not to deal the business outside of basketball as he considered it as “secondary to his primary job.”

As stated by Christian Post, “Linsanity” gradually faded mainly during his stay with the Houston Rockets. According to most of the critics, he is pertinent for playing only a particular type of offense and that is only having the ball in the hands. However, when the critics’ observation emerged false in Houston, Lin’s fans became very glad that he was traded to the LA Lakers (Los Angeles Lakers) in the previous off-season.

Charlotte Hornets reportedly acquired Lin earlier this off-season for a contract of two years. The deal was closed for an amount of $4.3 million. The news was a tad surprising because earlier Lin reportedly desired to reunite with the former Rockets teammate Chandler Parsons.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Jeremy Lin Fan Site

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