Will The New Backcourt Duo Of Kemba Walker And Jeremy Lin Cause A Buzz In Charlotte Hornets’ Post-Season?ESPN Says No!

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Will The New Backcourt Duo Of Kemba Walker And Jeremy Lin Cause A Buzz In Charlotte Hornets’ Post-Season?ESPN Says No!

The Charlotte Hornets will be buzzing with a new backcourt tandem for the upcoming NBA season. Kemba Walker will be teamed-up with recent addition Jeremy Lin. Will this combination manage to a be pesky sting for their opponents especially in the Eastern Conference? Read on for more details

In a report from Baseline Buzz, the website discussed the strengths and weaknesses that the duo bring to the table of Hive City. below is a summation of their analysis for the duo.

When it comes to shooting efficiency, the new kid in town Lin raises the bar against Walker with 37% from the three-point area last season. Lin in his five NBA seasons for the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers takes a 44% overall average. Walker, who has been recognized to struggle from the line, settles for a below 40 percentage.

Both playmakers though have quite a difference in the turnover spectrum with the 27-year-old Lin averaging higher than the 25-year-old Walker both in isolations and in passing.

Nevertheless, General Manager Rich Cho last June during the draft night had discussed their need for another spot in the point guard position.

“We’re going to need a third point guard and that’s something we’ll address in free agency. I think we’ll also address some more shooting in free agency,” Cho told The Charlotte Observer.

Lin will be filling the void left by veteran Mo Williams who rejoined the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lin was a breakthrough athlete during his “Linsanity” heydays. He helped led the New York Knicks in a series of turnaround victories back in 2012.

Whatever the score is, the Hornets have in their nest two superior ball-handlers who are scorers and , in the long run, can be a balanced duo on the backcourt.

Despite this overhaul, ESPN has already made a basketball prognosis that will definitely sting to the Michael Jordan owned-franchise in their yearly summer forecast.  The sports channel projected the Charlotte Hornets at the tenth spot for the Eastern Conference standings.

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