Will New Costume For Spider-Man Vary From Previous Versions?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Will New Costume For Spider-Man Vary From Previous Versions?

The day Spider-man reached home, Marvel Cinematic Universe witnessed drastic changes. The directors of “Captain America: Civil War” have given hints about what can be expected from Spider-man’s new costume.

One of the greatest names from the world of comics and the most popular hero of Marvel would join the team as “Captain America: Civil War” as the film releases in 2016.

But, the character of Wall Crawler has not been introduced in the first trailer. So very little is known about how the character would fit in the entire story. We also know little about how he will look like.


As a PR exercise for their new studio in Beijing, China, Anthony and Joe Russo spoke a little about what can be expected out of the Spider-man’s new costume.

This time, the viewers do not have to bear any annoying background music. That means whatever they would have to say will be audible.

Though the duo did not divulge much on their SA NA YouTube page, they did share a general idea of the specific approach used in the movie.

Before “The Winter Soldier,” you had seen the earlier look of Captain America in the film “The First Avengers.” So, you can study the alterations in the costume for these 2 movies to get an understanding of the “innovations” being talked about by the Russos. While “Avengers Cap” is on one side, the version of “The Winter Soldier” is on the other side.

According to Cinema Blend, what seems to be more likely is the use of more muted colors in its latter version. The costume will perhaps resemble more to a uniform than to the costume of a superhero.

If one draws a conclusion from these two films, one can expect that the Spider-man may not wear the signature red and blue colors in the new film.

Though, it may not be wrong to expect that the outfit’s primary color will still be red, the costume of Spider-man may have a slightly less striking color.


Picture Source: Facebook/SpiderManMovies

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