Will One Direction’s ‘Break’ Resemble That Of Other Top Boy Bands’?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Will One Direction’s ‘Break’ Resemble That Of Other Top Boy Bands’?
One Direction

Though the boys of One Direction band will be going separate ways for now, we are yet to understand the full implications as they have their fifth album lined up for release by the end of 2015. Find out more about this.

It is a confirmed fact that One Direction will be pursuing their own things and it weighs heavily on the souls of millions of fans of this band worldwide.

While the boys have promised that this is just a hiatus and is not the end of their musical journey, those music lovers who keenly followed ‘N Sync know that even they had decided to take a temporary break but the rest is history as they say.

One Direction may not be certain about when or if at all they will ever get back together again for the sake of their loyal fans.

However, according to Billboard, it is also a known fact that the reunion of One Direction would generate an unprecedented amount of money and unless one of the boys make a sizzling solo career which is as successful as that of Justin Timberlake’s, they may think of reforming at least for a tour in the future.

However, the Directioners may not have to mourn if the example of Boyz II Men is taken here. The Boyz too had gone on a hiatus temporarily due to heath related issues faced by Michael McCary that forced him to take up a retirement in 2003.  The remaining three band members though reunited and had released an album the following year.

Backstreet Boys had an exceptionally successful singing innings but they too split and did not come back truly in the sense that they could not achieve the kind of commercial heights that they did in their first innings vis-à-vis their second innings though quite successful too.

Do you think that One Direction will have a similar fate? Well, we have to wait to see that.

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